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Author Article Date
Bill Adams DataStorm: New Age in Mobile Connectivity 4/18/04

Del Albright Power Tank - Better Than an Air Compressor! 2/5/06
  A Death Valley Scotty Tale 2/16/06
  Death Valley Trails to Chloride City 2/16/06
  Legend of the Tucki Mountain Jewels 3/5/06
  Backcountry Adventures (Book Review) 3/5/06
  Secrets of Wi-Fi Email 5/21/06
  Wow! Snyder's Powwow! 7/16/06
  Legends of the Falls 7/23/06
  Road Trip to Utah's Nine-Mile Canyon 12/17/06
  Off-Road and Inside the San Rafael Swell 3/4/07
  La Sal Mountains Road Trip 9/9/07
  Looping Through the Panamints 1/4/08

Tim Beaubien Have Tent, Will Travel 11/19/06

Paul Bernhagen Make Old Fiberglass Shine 12/21/03

John Booth How to Choose a GPS Receiver 11/5/06

Kevin C. Borgia Farewell to Phish 8/22/04

Joel Briggs Gold, Ghosts & Glory Holes 3/11/07

Ron Bunge Datastorm Field Report 1/25/04

George Bruzenak Ready for Alaska 6/19/09
  Two Thousand Miles of Wonderful: A Road Trip through Scenic Western Canada 8/7/09

Ben Cooper Hostels: Road Trip Lodging 4/8/07

Lynne R. Christen Five Day Trips from New York City 8/15/08

Michael H. Dickman Roadside Baseball (Book Review) 5/22/09

Tamara Dwyer Walla Walla Winery Tour 8/26/07

Chris Epting "Yeah, But It's a Dry Landmark!" 3/21/04
"Are We There Yet?" 6/20/04
  A Taste of Pop Culture History 12/12/04
  Dancing in the Streets of New York 3/13/05
  There Used to Be a Ballpark... 4/17/05
  A Few of My Favorite Things... 5/14/06
  Top Ten Rock and Roll Places 5/20/07

Kristen Evangelista Roadtrip: The Exhibition 7/23/08

Jaimie Hall Bruzenak RVing Route 66 4/11/04
Introduction to Geocaching 8/1/04
  Writing on the Road: Novelist Sue Henry 10/10/04
  Winter RVing in Quartzsite, Arizona 1/9/05
  Desert Wildflower Report 3/6/05
  Take Your RV to Europe (Book Review) 5/1/05
  Watch How Things Are Made! 7/3/05
  Big Cities by RV 9/11/05
  Time Share RV Ownership 11/6/05
  Big Bend National Park 1/1/06
  Road Trips to Hot Springs 3/5/06
  Passing on a Legacy 5/7/06
  RV Trips Around the Globe 7/3/06
  Fun Jobs for Fulltimers 9/10/06
  Fire Stations & RV Fire Safety 10/29/06
  Buying a New RV -- Or Not! 1/7/07
  Boondocking Etiquette 4/1/07
  RVing: The Long & The Short Of It 6/3/07
  The RV/MH Hall of Fame 7/29/07
  RV Time Shares and Fractional Ownership 10/14/07
  Exploring Sonoma County's Wine Country by RV 1/18/08
  Here's a Savvy RV Secret: Work While You Travel 3/14/08
  Health Insurance on the Road 5/9/08
  Touring the Navajo Nation 6/27/08
  Six Day Trips from Phoenix 10/10/08
  Seeing San Diego by Bus, Train & Trolley 12/12/08
  Tucson: Gateway to Southern Arizona 1/23/09
  Are You Fire-Safe on the Road? 4/3/09
  Ready for Alaska 6/19/09
  Two Thousand Miles of Wonderful: A Road Trip through Scenic Western Canada 8/7/09

Mark Helmlinger How to Operate Your Rental RV Safely 8/1/05
  1.200 Miles in Four Days 8/7/05
  Winning Strategies at the DARPA Grand Challenge 10/16/05

Craig Howie Three Day Trips from Long Beach 1/16/09

Breanna Hite Learning on a Roll 2/29/08

Jillian Imilkowski Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival 9/28/03

Lea Lane Soloing America's Roads: Enjoy the Ride! 9/12/08
  Greenland by Plane, Boat and Dog Sledge 10/17/08

Lucy Larson Roadtrip: The Exhibition 7/23/08

Geneviève Lauzière The Art of the Cheap Road Trip 12/19/04

Lisa Marie Mercer Five Small Mountain Towns from Denver 7/23/08

John Mormon Night Fall (Audio Book Review) 5/15/05
  Light on Snow (Audio Book Review) 5/22/05
  4th of July (Audio Book Review) 5/29/05
  Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Audio Book Review) 7/31/05
  Flyboys (Audio Book Review) 8/14/05
  Detour (Audio Book Review) 8/15/05
  Little Scarlet (Audio Book Review) 9/04/05
  Honeymoon (Audio Book Review) 12/4/05
  Mary, Mary (Audio Book Review) 1/15/06
  Up Country (Audio Book Review) 3/12/06
  Kill the Messenger (Audio Book Review) 4/23/06
  With Ossie & Ruby (Audio Book Review) 5/21/06
  The Girls (Audio Book Review) 6/4/06
  Fortunate Son (Audio Book Review) 6/4/06
  The Ride of Our Lives (Audio Book Review) 7/16/06
  Judge and Jury (Audio Book Review) 8/27/06
  Elizabeth (Audio Book Review) 9/17/06
  The Book of Fate (Audio Book Review) 9/24/06
  The Night Gardener (Audio Book Review) 10/15/06
  My Father, My President (Audio Book Review) 11/5/06
  The Notebook & The Wedding (Audio Book Review) 12/3/06
  Mary, Mary (Audio Book Review) 1/15/07
  Echo Park (Audio Book Review) 1/7/07
  Hollywood Station (Audio Book Review) 1/14/07
  The Lion's Game (Audio Book Review) 2/5/07
  Step on a Crack (Audio Book Review) 2/11/07
  The Black Dahlia (Audio Book Review) 3/11/07
  Alone (Audio Book Review) 4/1/07
  The Collected Bowdrie Dramatizations, Vol. 2 (Audio Book Review) 4/8/07
  Hide (Audio Book Review) 4/22/07
  Body Surfing: A Novel (Audio Book Review) 5/6/07
  Wish You Well (Audio Book Review) 5/13/07
  Simple Genius (Audio Book Review) 5/27/07
  The Strangler (Audio Book Review) 6/10/07
  Triptych (Audio Book Review) 6/17/07
  American Outrage (Audio Book Review) 7/22/07
  The Summons / The Brethren (Audio Book Review) 7/29/07
  The Quickie (Audio Book Review) 8/12/07
  A Time to Kill / The King of Torts (Audio Book Review) 8/26/07
  Lone Survivor (Audio Book Review) 8/26/07
  The Chicago Way (Audio Book Review) 10/1/07
  The Bourne Betrayal (Audio Book Review) 10/7/07
  The War: An Intimate History 1941-1945 (Audio Book Review) 11/2/07
  The Lovely Bones (Audio Book Review) 11/23/07
  The Collected Bowdrie Dramatizations: Volume III (Audio Book Review) 12/7/07
  Double Cross (Audio Book Review) 12/14/07
  Now and Then (Audio Book Review) 2/8/08
  Women's Murder Club (Box Set, Volume 1) (Audio Book Review) 2/22/08
  The Collected Short Stories of Louis L'Amour (Audio Book Review) 3/14/08
  Boom! Voices of the Sixties (Audio Book Review) 3/28/08
  The Appeal (Audio Book Review) 4/18/08
  Hollywood Crows (Audio Book Review) 5/2/08
  Death of a Gentle Lady (Audio Book Review) 5/9/08
  The Whole Truth (Audio Book Review) 5/30/08
  Sail (Audio Book Review) 6/20/08
  Child 44 (Audio Book Review) 6/20/08
  Killer Heat (Audio Book Review) 6/27/08
  The Turnaround (Audio Book Review) 8/29/08
  The Gate House (Audio Book Review) 11/14/08
  Testimony (Audio Book Review) 12/22/08
  Divine Justice (Audio Book Review) 1/30/09
  Run for Your Life (Audio Book Review) 3/27/09
  Night and Day (Audio Book Review) 5/15/09
  The Secret Speech (Audio Book Review) 6/12/09
  First Family (Audio Book Review) 7/10/09
  Swimsuit (Audio Book Review) 7/24/09
  The Neighbor (Audio Book Review) 7/31/09
  Cemetery Dance (Audio Book Review) 8/28/09
  Ravens (Audio Book Review) 11/20/09
  I Can See You (Audio Book Review) 11/20/09
  The Last Song (Audio Book Review) 11/20/09

Ruth Mormon The Good Guys (Audio Book Review) 5/1/05
  The Closers (Audio Book Review) 6/12/05
  Lifeguard (Audio Book Review) 9/4/05
  The Widow of the South (Audio Book Review) 9/18/05
  A Wedding in December (Audio Book Review) 10/16/05
  The City of Falling Angels (Audio Book Review) 11/20/05
  Never Have Your Dog Stuffed (Audio Book Review) 12/4/05
  The Camel Club (Audio Book Review) 12/18/05
  In the Company of the Courtesan (Audio Book Review) 3/12/06
  Memories of a Geisha (Audio Book Review) 4/9/06
  Ride the River (Audio Book Review) 5/21/06
  Prior Bad Acts (Audio Book Review) 6/4/06
  Maximum Ride - The Angel Experiment (Audio Book Review) 7/16/06
  Maximum Ride - School's Out Forever (Audio Book Review) 7/23/06
  Beach Road (Audio Book Review) 8/20/06
  Wake-Up Call (Audio Book Review) 9/10/06
  Between, Georgia (Audio Book Review) 9/10/06
  The Collectors (Audio Book Review) 10/29/06
  Saving Graces (Audio Book Review) 11/5/06
  Thirteen Moons (Audio Book Review) 11/19/06
  Through a Glass Darkly (Audio Book Review) 12/3/06
  Wild Fire (Audio Book Review) 12/17/06
  Red River (Audio Book Review) 1/7/07
  Dark Angels (Audio Book Review) 1/21/07
  Red Carpets & Other Banana Skins (Audio Book Review) 2/18/07
  Because She Can (Audio Book Review) 3/4/07
  Shopaholic & Baby (Audio Book Review) 3/18/07
  The Double Bind (Audio Book Review) 4/15/07
  The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid (Audio Book Review) 4/29/07
  Boomsday (Audio Book Review) 5/20/07
  Chasing Life (Audio Book Review) 6/3/07
  Blood and Thunder (Audio Book Review) 7/15/07
  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Audio Book Review) 8/5/07
  Deep Storm: A Novel (Audio Book Review) 8/12/07
  Sisters (Audio Book Review) 8/19/07
  The Diana Chronicles (Audio Book Review) 9/3/07
  Satan's Circus (Audio Book Review) 9/9/07
  Peony In Love (Audio Book Review) 10/1/07
  Jinx (Audio Book Review) 10/7/07
  The Tipping Point (Audio Book Review) 10/14/07
  Eclipse (Audio Book Review) 10/21/07
  Junie B., First Grader (Audio Book Review) 10/21/07
  I Am America (And So Can You) (Audio Book Review) 11/2/07
  The Choice (Audio Book Review) 11/9/07
  Playing for Pizza (Audio Book Review) 11/16/07
  The Overlook (Audio Book Review) 11/23/07
  Be the Pack Leader (Audio Book Review) 11/30/07
  Blonde Faith (Audio Book Review) 12/21/07
  Gods Behaving Badly (Audio Book Review) 1/4/08
  The Princess Diaries, Volume II: Princess in the Spotlight (Audio Book Review) 1/11/08
  Beginner's Greek (Audio Book Review) 1/18/08
  Jane Boleyn: The True Story of the Infamous Lady Rochford (Audio Book Review) 1/25/08
  T is for Trespass (Audio Book Review) 2/1/08
  The Commoner (Audio Book Review) 2/18/08
  The Opposite of Love (Audio Book Review) 2/29/08
  7th Heaven (Audio Book Review) 3/21/08
  The Final Warning (Maximum Ride, Book 4) (Audio Book Review) 4/4/08
  The Arctic Event (Audio Book Review) 4/25/08
  A Voyage Long & Strange: Rediscovering the New World (Audio Book Review) 5/16/08
  Unaccustomed Earth (Audio Book Review) 6/6/08
  Sundays at Tiffany's (Audio Book Review) 6/6/08
  The Red Necklace (Audio Book Review) 6/13/08
  Audition: A Memoir (Audio Book Review) 6/27/08
  Swine Not? A Novel (Audio Book Review) 7/11/08
  Franklin & Lucy (Audio Book Review) 7/11/08
  The Crystal Skull (Audio Book Review) 7/23/08
  Barefoot (Audio Book Review) 8/8/08
  The Venetian Betrayal (Audio Book Review) 8/15/08
  Light of the Moon (Audio Book Review) 8/15/08
  The Last Time They Met (Audio Book Review) 8/22/08
  Rules of Deception (Audio Book Review) 9/5/08
  Breaking Dawn (Audio Book Review) 9/12/08
  The 19th Wife (Audio Book Review) 9/26/08
  Maximum Ride: Saving the World (Audio Book Review) 10/10/08
  Made in the U.S.A. (Audio Book Review) 10/17/08
  The Translator (Audio Book Review) 10/24/08
  The Brass Verdict (Audio Book Review) 10/31/08
  Go Green, Live Rich (Audio Book Review) 11/21/08
  American Wife (Audio Book Review) 11/28/08
  Dead Even (Audio Book Review) 12/12/08
  Palace Council (Audio Book Review) 12/22/08
  The Private Patient (Audio Book Review) 1/16/09
  Supreme Courtship (Audio Book Review) 1/16/09
  The Gold Coast (Audio Book Review) 1/23/09
  The Lucky One (Audio Book Review) 2/13/09
  Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet (Audio Book Review) 3/6/09
  The Keepsake (Audio Book Review) 3/13/09
  Medical Myths That Can Kill You (Audio Book Review) 3/20/09
  Heart and Soul (Audio Book Review) 4/3/09
  A Lion Called Christian (Audio Book Review) 4/17/09
  Marcelo in the Real World (Audio Book Review) 5/4/09
  Lethal Legacy (Audio Book Review) 5/22/09
  Fault Line (Audio Book Review) 5/29/09
  The Boxer and the Spy (Audio Book Review) 6/5/09
  Losing Mum and Pup (Audio Book Review) 6/19/09
  Shanghai Girls (Audio Book Review) 7/10/09
  The Castaways (Audio Book Review) 7/17/09
  Julie and Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously (Audio Book Review) 7/31/09
  Gone Tomorrow (Audio Book Review) 8/7/09
  Twenties Girl (Audio Book Review) 8/14/09
  The Geometry of Sisters (Audio Book Review) 9/9/09
  The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe (Audio Book Review) 9/16/09
  Alex Cross's Trial (Audio Book Review) 9/24/09
  South of Broad (Audio Book Review) 11/20/09
  No Time To Wave Goodbye (Audio Book Review) 12/8/09
  The Blue Notebook (Audio Book Review) 12/7/09
  A Season of Gifts (Audio Book Review) 12/15/09
  Al Capone Does My Shirts (Audio Book Review) 12/22/09

Olivia Neri Six Day Trips from Los Angeles 9/12/08

Troy Paiva Photo Safari: 4360 Miles in Five Days 4/29/07

Aaron Reed Time Out on the Third Coast 8/19/07
  Sweet Water, Swollen River 9/9/07
  Texas Hill Country Road Trip 10/1/07
  Big Guns and Dr Pepper: A Road Trip to Waco, Texas 11/2/07
  Austin Live: An Insider's Guide 11/30/07
  Holidays in the Texas Pineywoods 12/21/07
  Wi-Fi on the Highway 1/18/08
  The Wilderness Beach: A Down- Island Drive on Texas' National Seashore 2/1/08
  Friday Escape, Small Town Hospitality 5/30/08
  Into the Deep, Deep Past of Texas 6/6/08

David Schaefer Five Tips for Choosing a Car Top Carrier 6/23/06

Suzanne & Craig Sheumaker Beyond Grand Canyon: 4 Sensational Side Trips 10/21/07

Sofia Romano Tips for Using Coolers 5/13/07

Robert Schaller Pilgrimage to the Halls of 'Cue 10/19/03
The Coronado Trail 12/1/03
Drive Safe With Uncle Bob: 70 Rules for Defensive Driving Ongoing since 1/04
Arizona Route 66 by Motorcycle 6/13/04
  Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad 9/26/04
  Highland Games in Tucson, Arizona 11/14/04
  The Art of the Cheap Road Trip 12/19/04
  Winter Photo Junket on the Durango & Silverton Railroad 3/13/05
  Nouveau Pueblo: Arcosanti 5/1/05
  Moseying through Capitol Reef 7/19/05
  Apache Pass & Historic Fort Bowie 10/9/05
  Safe Winter Road Trips 10/30/05
  Road Trip into Arizona's Past 12/31/06
  The Most Boring Highway in America 1/30/07

Dan Sedenquist Product Review: Nature's Tears Eye Mist 11/14/08

Tammy Senter Tips for Summer Travel with Pets 6/18/06
  Buckle Up: Pet Restraint Systems for Cars 8/20/06

Garry Sowerby Mission Green on the Move 9/12/04

Anne Sponholtz An Old Highway Leads Snowbirds to the Florida Sun 12/14/07
  Cedar Key: A State of Mind 2/28/08
  6 One-Day Trips from Jacksonville, Florida 4/25/08
  There's More to Orlando than Mickey Mouse 6/27/08
  Peaches, Catifish & Camellias: A Road Trip Through Georgia 8/29/08
  Geanealogy Road Trip - Florida to Canada 10/3/08
  Gator Country - Three Day Trips from Gainesville, Florida 3/6/09
  Get Your RV Ready to Roll for Summer 4/17/09
  Baby on Board: 10 Tips for Road Tripping with Baby 7/31/09
  Jacksonville Revisited: 3 Lazy Day Trips 8/28/09
  Taking Grandkids on the Road 9/7/09

Scott Stanton Memphis to New Orleans 7/25/04

Lou Stoetzer Can RVing Improve a Relationship? 6/6/04

John Robert Taylor On Killing (Audio Book Review) 9/22/09

James Teitelbaum Tiki Wonder of the Far North 7/18/04
  Silence and Vandalism on the Loneliest Road in America 11/23/07

Peter Thody Road Trip: South Dakota 1/8/06
  Chicago to the Mississippi 12/14/07
  Death Metal and Empty Streets: The Charm of the "Tall Corn" State 1/25/08
  Nebraska: God Bless the Amber Waves of Grain 2/22/08
  Wyoming: Wine & Hors d'Ouevres in the Cowboy State 3/21/08
  Majesty and Mortality: It's Good to be Alive in Colorado 4/18/08
  Utah: Landscape of a Thousand Westerns 5/23/08
  The Natural Wonders of Northern Arizona 6/20/08
  Slowing the Pace in Western Utah 7/11/08
  Taking the Even-Lonelier Highway across Nevada 8/22/08
  California, Here We Are 9/19/08
  Cowboys, Rodeos, Grizzlies and Geysers: Some Wonders of Wyoming 10/31/08
  Montana, Where Men Are Men, and the Coffees Are Skinny Latte 11/28/08
  Coca-Cola and Elvis Presley: Welcome to the South 1/30/09
  Graves, Guns and Great-Great Grandmothers on the Natchez Trace 2/13/09
  From Bible Belt to Bourbon on the Old Kentucky Turnpike 3/20/09
  James Dean's Grave and Other Good Reasons to Visit Indiana 4/10/09
  Across Ohio, the Wrong Way, on the National Historic Road 5/15/09
  Across the Appalachians and on to New Jersey 6/12/09
  Back in Time on the Delmarva Peninsula 7/10/09
  Rain, Fire and Bears: On the Road through Virginia to Washington, D.C. 8/14/09
  Beauty Born of Depression: The Blue Ridge Parkway 9/21/09

Jon Vermilye Wi-Fi Field Report 6/20/04

Dennis Weaver Eatin' Good on the Road 5/1/05
  Cooler Cuisine:Tips for Fresh & Healthy Road Food 5/29/05
  How to Make Steamed Breads 6/26/05
  The Greens Along the Road 8/14/05
  The Last Picnic of Fall 9/18/05
  Safe Winter Road Trips 10/30/05
  Snackin' Better on the Road 1/15/06
  Spring Wildlife Viewing Road Trip 3/12/06
  Kids & Cookies on the Road 5/21/06
  Make-Aheads 7/9/06
  Mountain Meadow Picnic 8/27/06
  Last Camping Trip of Fall 11/12/06
  Winter Road Trip Food 1/21/07
  Summer Picnic on the Mesa Scenic Falls Byway 7/1/07
  Sheep Falls in Eastern Idaho 10/7/07

Gerry Wingenbach Five Day Trips from Salt Lake City 10/10/08

Don Woodmancy Durango & Silverton Railroad 9/1/02
  Casa de Bandini, San Diego 1/5/03
  Bazaar del Mundo, San Diego 1/6/03
  Talkeetna, Alaska 1/16/03
  The Roadhouse, Talkeetna 1/16/03
  Planes of Fame Museum 6/8/03
  "Home of the $200 Hamburger" 6/8/03
  The Gold Rush Trail 7/7/03

Carol White The Sundial Bridge in Redding, California 6/11/06
  An Oregon Sampler: Six Day Trips from Portland 6/13/08
  Five Day Trips from Charleston 8/8/08
  Road Schooling: The Education of a Lifetime 9/26/08
  New Year's Resolution: Make Those Road Trips Happen! 12/22/08
  Four Day Trips from Seattle 5/29/09
  The Little Road Trip Handbook (Book Review) 6/5/09

Chad Whitney How to Choose a Power Inverter 8/14/05
  Road Trip to the Florida Keys 6/17/07
  The USS Alabama Memorial Park 7/29/07

Dan Wulfman RV Road Trip: Pros & Cons 9/24/06

Andrew Youderian CB Radios: An Ideal Traveling Companion 9/5/08
  How to Pick a CB Radio 9/26/08
  How to Choose and Mount a CB Radio Antenna 10/24/08
  Tuning a CB Radio Antenna 11/21/08

Alice Zyetz Tips for Solo RVers 3/8/04
  Membership RV Parks 5/16/04
  How Do They Live Like That? 6/13/04
  Membership Clubs for RVers 7/11/04
  RoadTripping with Physical Challenges 9/5/04
  Comparing Types of RVs 11/6/04
  Off the Beaten Path: Tecopa, California 12/5/04
  RVing: More than Beautiful Scenery 2/6/05
  RV School Days 4/4/05
  How to Find an RV Campsite 6/5/05
  How to Rent an RV 8/1/05
  Leaf Peeping Road Trips 10/2/05
  Bird-watching on the Road 1/29/06
  On the Road With Biodiesel 4/9/06
  RVing & Higher Fuel Costs 6/4/06
  Vintage RVs and Trailers 8/4/06
  Military Campgrounds 10/8/06
  The Glory That is Q 12/3/06
  Visiting America's National Monuments 2/18/07
  Baseball Road Trips by RV 5/6/07
  RV Rentals: A Vacationer's Guide 7/1/07
  Charles Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, CA 9/16/07
  Major Disaster: NOW is the Time to Plan! 11/16/07
  Top 10 Reasons to Retire to an RV 1/11/08
  Stop Traveling, but Keep Your Keys 2/8/08


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