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Junie B. Jones Collection: Books 17-24, by Barbara Park and Lara Quintal (Narrator)

6.75 HOURS ON 6 CDs
Junie B, First Grader
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That girl is something else I tell you! I started to listen to this audio book very serious and what do you know? It's a real fun collection of books about a very funny little girl, so I made a big smile and enjoyed getting to know Junie B. Jones. Here's the thing, people. There are eight complete books on these six CDs!

Junie B. Jones is a Graduation Girl -- Kindergarten graduation is coming, and Junie and the children in Room Nine can't wait to get their "cats and gowns!"

Junie B., First Grader (at last) -- Junie is in First Grade, but she's not sure if she'll like it. Her new teacher, Mr. Scary, suspects that Junie needs glasses!

Boss of Lunch -- Junie becomes an official, professional lunchroom worker with her own plastic mitts, apron and hairnet!

Toothless Wonder -- Who is the first one in Room One to lose a front tooth? Junie! But that means she has to deal with the tooth fairy and she doesn't trust her!

Cheater Pants -- Where there's homework, there's temptation. Sometimes it's hard to tell what's cheating and what's not.

One-Man Band -- Junie plans to be the star of the kickball tournament, but a sore toe sends her to the sidelines and right into the halftime show!

Shipwrecked -- Room One's play about Columbus might be Junie's chance to be a star.

Boo…and I MEAN It! -- Halloween is a terrifying holiday for Junie when an older boy convinces her that real witches and goblins roam the streets with trick or treating children.

Barbara Park's precocious Junie B. Jones has left kindergarten behind and is now commenting on life in first grade with the same comical outlook that helped her survive the perils of her first year in school. Lana Quintal's narration is perfect for the sometimes petulant, sometimes boisterous but always capitivating, Junie. Just as we sometimes forget that Junie is a child with her grownup conversation, it's easy to forget that Lana Quintal is an adult as she assumes Junie's personality and tone of voice.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I loved this audio book, I tell you! Not only was it entertaining for an adult commuter, I can see that it would be the perfect audio book for families with children of all ages as they spend hours together in a car. While Junie's comments are humorous, the situations she describes are everyday happenings in the lives of children, and listening together may help children and parents talk about their own lives…possibly.

And wait till you hear this! Beginning readers who have the audio book and a print copy can have their own read-along book! And that's a very fun way to read.

Ruth Mormon

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