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Deep Storm: A Novel, by Lincoln Child & Scott Brick (Narrator)

Deep Storm

What could be more terrifying than being shuttled to an undersea city in the middle of the North Atlantic? Dr. Peter Crane is about to find out when his expertise as a disease specialist causes him to be invited to investigate an unusual medical situation on an oil rig. Once at the rig, he's told that the real location of his patients is many miles below the surface in a scientific research facility know as "Deep Storm." While drilling for oil, workers hear strange sounds that lead scientists to establish an undersea facility so that they can excavate artifacts and explore possible links to the ancient civilization of Atlantis. This is far from a benign environment where scientists and anthropologists work together to unearth ancient mysteries. Murder and sabotage plague the operation, and Peter Crane must call on all his skills as doctor, investigator and soldier to try to save his own life as well as those the hundreds of workers in Deep Storm.

Author Lincoln Child has created a chilling scenario, made even more sinister by its location so far beneath the ocean. He incorporates lessons in history and mythology into his account of the Deep Storm project. In addition, he introduces stunning technological advancements in his description of the physical operation. Scott Brick's narration is, as usual, compelling. He's able to infuse Dr. Crane with strength, resolve, courage, humility and wit.

It's easy to recommend this audio book to a wide audience. Arm-chair historians, scientists, anthropologists, chaos theorists and detectives will all find something to pique their interest. The story moves quickly from calamity to calamity with the listener rooting for the good guys, whoever they may be at the moment. It's an exciting book that's bound to cause the listener to ponder new ideas after its stunning conclusion.

Ruth Mormon

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