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Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10, by Marcus Luttrell with Patrick Robinson & Kavin T. Collins (Narrator)

Lone Survivor
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This is an amazing true story as told by Marcus Luttrell, the lone survivor of Operation Redwing, a secret mission carried out by an elite team of Navy Seals in 2005. He graphically tells what took place in the northern mountains of Afghanistan where their mission was to capture (or kill if necessary) a terrorist leader who also was presumed to be one of the planners of 9-11. Navy Seal Team 10 consisted of a tightly knit group of six men who would protect each other till death. Four of them rappel from the helicopter onto the mountain, and the other two coordinate their movements from the staging area.

Discovered by a group of goat herders, the four have to make a decision which is hindered by the rules of engagement. They take a chance and play it safe by letting the men go. Shortly thereafter they are surrounded by 80 Taliban fighters. Wounded, the Seals heroically fight on. The remaining two Seals of Team 10 as well as additional troops fly to their rescue, but the enemy fires a rocket into the helicopter, and 16 more men are killed. During the battle Marcus gets thrown over a cliff and is saved by a friendly tribe who hide him from the Taliban assassins. They protect him and help him escape even though the Taliban threatens to kill the people in the village.

Marcus Luttrell's story is one that every American should be aware of so that we can understand the conditions of fighting our soldiers must endure. Marcus discusses the handicaps our men in combat have because of the "rules of engagement" that the politicians have issued. He describes all the restrictions and explains that the enemy knows of them and uses them to make it difficult for our men to fight properly.
The book also covers the severe and rigorous training program the Seals are subjected to so they can be such an elite unit.

This is a story that should be recommended to everyone. In this audio version, the reader uses Luttrell's and the author's words so well that the listener actually feels the agony and hardships of the men of Operation Redwing, which turned out to be the worst disaster in the 40-year history of the Navy Seals. We are indeed fortunate to know this story of heroism and we should gratefully acknowledge the men and women in service who are giving so much of themselves for us. Listen to this book and tell others to do the same.

John Mormon

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