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Hollywood Station, by Joseph Wambaugh & Adam Grupper (Narrator)

12 HOURS ON 10 CDs
Hollywood Station

This story about the daily lives of the men and women stationed in the Hollywood division of Los Angeles Police Department is an adventure that is sure to keep listeners absorbed from beginning to end. Wambaugh, a best selling author of police stories for many years but recently on hiatus, has come back with a bang. The main character, a veteran of 46 years called The Oracle is joined by young policemen "surfer dudes" Flotsom and Jetsom, as well as Budgie Polk, a policewoman and nursing mother, Set in the present, the story tells of the many restrictions that have come into existence since the Rodney King incident and how these new policies affect law enforcement.

The plot involves drug addicts, robbery, undercover detective work, and the Russian mafia, but the real story is the interaction of all the bizarre characters that exist in and around Hollywood Station. Wambaugh makes the listener an invisible, omniscient observer of the weird and wacky happenings that could only occur in Hollywood. There are humorous moments as well as heart-rending incidents throughout.

Hollywood Station is filled with inside information about modern drug trafficking and the problems police encounter in solving crimes and enforcing laws. The author, a former police officer, skillfully weaves a story that gives the listener the feeling of being there with the police at each incident. His language is realistic and his information is factual, making this a book that teaches as well as entertains. At the end of the book, Wambaugh shows his admiration and respect for his former colleagues by giving acknowledgements and thanks to dozens of men and women of the Los Angeles, San Diego and Palm Springs police departments. I highly recommend this book, not only for the intriguing plot, but for the insight into modern police work and the world of criminals.

John Mormon

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