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Simple Genius, by David Baldacci and Scott Brick (Narrator)

13 HOURS ON 12 CDs
Simple Genius

This action-packed book starts with an explosive opening chapter and continues like a runaway train, with complex and surprising situations through to its conclusion. Sean King and Michelle Maxwell are back, but this time the usually cool Michelle is confronted by inner demons which are affecting her behavior. After she nearly gets herself killed by starting a fight in a bar, she agrees to enter a facility and undergo psychotherapy with Sean's friend, Dr. Horatio Barnes. Not convinced that she has a problem, Michelle checks herself out of the institution and joins Sean where he is investigating an unusual death that took place at Camp Peary, a secret CIA training compound, near a mysterious think tank called Babbage Town. The owners of the think tank hire him to find out why one of their top men was found dead on the CIA property which is surrounded by an eight-foot barbed wire fence. The CIA claim he committed suicide, but they contend otherwise.

Sean is confronted with one obstacle after the other and finds himself battling the CIA, the FBI and the scientists at the think tank. When Michelle joins him, the two are faced with situations that look like they'll lead to their deaths. Only their determination to protect the child prodigy daughter of the murdered scientist keeps them from abandoning the mysterious compound.

David Baldacci spins a tale of intrigue, futuristic scientific possibilities, danger and greed. In addition, he explores emotional suffering, mental illness and autism. The reader, Scott Brick, does his usual outstanding work in portraying each character with a voice befitting his or her personality.

This story is one not to be missed. Baldacci leaves one drawing conclusions that are disproved time and again as the plot unfurls. He provides just the right amount of scientific information to cause one to ponder the possibilities, but not so much as to hamper the action. Baldacci and Brick are like Sean and Michelle, a winning team that leaves the listener looking forward to their next venture.

John Mormon

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