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The Closers, by Michael Connelly; Read by Len Cariou

The Closers

After 3 years of retirement, Detective Harry Bosch is once again on active duty with the LAPD, this time assigned to the newly formed Open-Unsolved Unit. His former partner Kizman Rider and he are charged with using new technologies to find the answers to previously unsolved murder cases. A DNA hit has found a link between a weapon used to kill a beautiful mixed-race teenage girl seventeen years earlier and a man with White Supremacy ties. Although there were too few clues to solve the murder when it occurred, Bosch and Rider, using modern police resources, now uncover evidence that leads them to suspect and pursue several potential murderers before they arrive at the truth.

This is the eleventh installment in the Harry Bosch series of mysteries, and, as Connelly says in a commentary at the end, with each book he adds layers to Bosch's character. After fifteen years, Harry has evolved into a complex man with personality traits that are almost as compelling as the murder plots he uncovers. In developing Harry's character, Connelly also provides a rich description of Los Angeles and the police procedures that are employed to make it safe.

This ten-CD unabridged audio book is masterfully narrated by Len Cariou, a noted stage, television and film actor. Each of the characters assumes a distinct voice, thanks to Cariou's excellent presentation.

I enjoyed this book on several levels. The plot twists held my interest right through to the conclusion, the characters quickly became familiar associates, and the theme of being affected by the ripples caused by forgotten actions haunted me as I listened.
Baby boomers especially will be intrigued by the concept of retiring and then returning to a job with new, improved tools and greater opportunities for success.

Ruth Mormon

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