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Take Your RV to Europe: The Low-Cost Route to Long-Term Touring, by Adelle and Ron Milavsky

Take Your RV to Europe

Book Review by Jaimie Hall

If you have thought about an extended RV trip in Europe, Take Your RV to Europe: The Low-Cost Route to Long-Term Touring is a must-have for planning and budgeting for your trip. Authors Adelle and Ron Milavsky relate their decision-making process for taking their motorhome to Europe rather than renting one there. Surprisingly, the cost isn't that much more when compared to what you'd spend if you stayed home and can make sense if you are planning a relatively long stay of two or three months. The authors spent 83 days touring France and the Benelux countries in depth in 2002 and 77 days in the British Isles the following year.

Traveling in a motorhome adds a flexibility and spontaneity to your travels that can't be found in a traditional hotel-and-restaurant trip, plus it allows you to travel much longer for the same amount of money. You also meet more locals traveling this way, since you interact with others in campgrounds, grocery stores, laundromats, or waiting for the bus.

Alice Zyetz & Jaimie HallAlice Zyetz and Jaimie Hall have been RVing fulltime with their husbands for more than ten years each. Together they have published two books on the RV Lifestyle: RV Traveling Tales and The Woman's Guide to Solo RVing. In addition, Jaimie's popular Support Your RV Lifestyle! is an invaluabe resource for those who want to make a living on the road, and Alice's You Shoulda Listened to Your Mother offers secrets of success for working women. In this monthly column, Alice and Jaimie explore facets of RV life, lifestyle products, and a variety of RV issues, joys, and challenges. For more information, you can reach Jaimie and Alice at and

The Milavskys acknowledge there are some disadvantages and potential problems when traveling by RV. All but the last were easily dealt with.

The Milavskys walk you through the entire process of figuring costs based on the current exchange rate, the logistics, plus finding and utilizing a freight forwarder and how to prepare your rig for the shipping process.

Besides explaining the practicalities of European travel, driving, campgrounds, security of your rig, staying in touch, and tips for shopping and eating your way through Europe, the authors include several appendices. These include detailed descriptions of both their trips, useful things to know in each country, European ports and nearby campgrounds, suppliers, Internet sites, dealers who rent and sell RVs in Europe, a glossary, bibliography, and index.

Take Your RV to Europe supplies detailed price breakdowns, contacts, worksheets you'll need to decide if you want to have a similar adventure, and the resources and practical tips for having the time of your life once you are there.

Jaimie Hall

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