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Echo Park, by Michael Connelly & Lou Cariou (Narrator)

10½ HOURS ON 9 CDs
Echo Park

The author's favorite homicide detective Harry Bosch is back for his twelfth investigation. After returning from retirement, he is working in the Open-Unsolved department with his partner, Kiz Ryder. Still haunted by one of his own unsolved cases from 13 years earlier, the disappearance of Marie Gesto, he continues to study the files, hoping to find out what happened to the missing girl. His prime suspect at the time was the son of a very wealthy family with friends in very high places. Harry is still convinced that the son is guilty, but he cannot prove it. After a routine traffic stop during which a van is found to contain assorted body parts, Harry is called to the D.A.'s office to hear a different man confess. The serial killer, Reynard Waits, wants to make a deal-in exchange for no death penalty, he will take them to Marie Gesto's body and admit he killed her. When the killer escapes, Harry senses a conspiracy in the D.A's office and goes out on his own to discover what is going on.

Connelly's Harry Bosch is a character who is full of faults but is very likable. Perhaps it's because he recognizes his shortcomings but isn't willing to change in order please his superiors. He's usually confident about his abilities as a detective. He trusts his instincts, but now he's haunted by the possibility that he and his partner missed a clue in their original investigation and that several people have died as a result. In this audio version, Lou Cariou's narration lends the perfect bravado to the character, and the listener finds himself overlooking the faults and rooting for the man.

There are many plot twists and turns as Harry uncovers the conspiracy while making some serious mistakes along the way. Just when it looks like the mystery is solved, Connelly introduces another set of circumstances, and the hunt is on again. This is an engrossing and entertaining audio book that will not disappoint. Not only does it tell a gripping story, but Harry's psychological conflict beguiles the listener and creates an emotional response that lingers after the book's conclusion.

John Mormon

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