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I Can See You, by Karen Rose


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A sadistic killer has fooled the police with his first two murders by setting up the murder scenes to appear to be suicides. His third murder is about to be called the same until Noel Webster, a homicide detective, becomes curious as he observes the scene of a hanging woman. Noah sees the woman's body hanging from a hook in the bedroom ceiling and is puzzled as to why would she get a hook and put it there to hang herself. The woman is dressed in a very short, cut low red dress and her face is heavily made up. At her feet on the floor is a pair of red shoes with 5 inch stiletto heels. The woman does not seem to be a hooker which adds to Noah's confusion. He sees a stool lying on its side under the body and with a gloved hand picks it up. When he moves it over and stands it up beneath the woman's feet, he is shocked to see that it is inches short of her feet. He knows there is no way she stood on that stool and stepped off to hang herself. When he picks up one of the shoes and holds it against her foot, he can see it is much too small to fit her foot. The suicide has become a homicide. When Noah examines the files on the earlier suicides, he concludes that they were also homicides.

After the victims' names and ages are released to the media, a graduate student tells Noah that she knew them and that they had been participating in a computer program she is using in her research. She tells him that there are six women who spend 12 to 16 hours a day on the program and that she thinks she knows who the next victim will be. The question is who besides Eve knows the names and addresses of the program participants. When Eve helps Noah investigate and the killer learns of her involvement, she becomes the next target.

Karen Rose has written a spine-tingling suspense thriller that will keep the listener guessing who the killer might be, right up to the conclusion. The well-crafted plot twists back around itself, ensnaring characters like debris in a Mississippi bayou. Even with careful attention to clues, the reader will more than likely be outguessed at least once before the killer is revealed. This book is made even more fascinating by Rose's discussion of virtual reality and the many roles computers play in modern society. There is something for everyone in this intriguing and terrifying audio book.

John Mormon

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