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Triptych, by Karin Slaughter & Brian Keith Lewis (Narrator)

5.5 HOURS ON 5 CDs


Triptych -- it's a strange title but a fast-moving and exciting book. The author explains the meaning of the title, and it fits the situations in the story. Although the characters in this book are very dissimilar, they all interconnect to bring the story to a plausible, if shocking, conclusion. Angie, also known as Robin when she is working the streets, is a vice detective. She is the foulest-talking woman anyone will encounter. She is beautiful with a knockout body, but oh, that mouth! Michael, a homicide detective and a former vice cop, has a reputation that is open to scrutiny. Will is an agent sent from the special investigation unit of Georgia to assist Michael in solving some murders of young girls. Then there is ex-con, John, a man in his mid thirties who is shocked to discover that when he leaves prison after serving 22 years, he has unexplained wealth.

A killer is terrorizing the women of Atlanta, leaving them mutilated. What is especially puzzling is that the murders happen in both the wealthiest and poorest neighborhoods, and the victims are both black and white. Karin Slaughter's characters intermingle as they work to solve the crime and identify the maniacal monster. The complexity of the characters, along with the chilling aspects of the plot makes this a fascinating audio book. Brian Keith Lewis' narration gives each of the characters believability, and his delivery provides just the right amount of tension as the suspense builds.

This gripping thriller is excellent, but not for the faint of heart. The story travels at breakneck speed to its very brutal conclusion. Anyone who enjoys psychological suspense combined with realistic crime details and shocking plot twists will enjoy this book. It's easy to recommend this audio book for its ingenious plot, complex characters and compelling narration.

John Mormon

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