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The Collected Bowdrie Dramatizations: Volume III (Chick Bowdrie's Adventures), by Louis L'Amour (Read by a cast of actors)

The Collected Bowdrie Dramatizations
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This collection of six short stories is a must not only for Louis L'Amour fans but for anyone who likes exciting tales of the old west. The dramatizations are well played by actors and actresses, and the sound effects are excellent. The lifelike sounds of gun shots near and far, the hoof beats of the horses, the loading of a rifle and all the other sounds add to the enjoyment of the stories.

Chick Bowdrie, who is featured in each story, is a special kind of Texas Ranger. He wears a flat-topped black hat and has two six shooters strapped to his thighs. He is usually taken for a gun fighter, and that helps him in his work. The six stories in this collection involve bank robberies, murders, Indian attacks on settlers, and other problems of living in the American Old West. Included in this collection:

  • Case Closed-No Prisoner
  • The Killer from the Pecos
  • A Ranger Rides to Town
  • Rain on the Mountain Fork
  • Down Sonora Way
  • Strange Pursuit

Each of the stories is unlike the others although several deal with bank robbers.
An especially enjoyable story is the one in which a 16-year-old girl and her uncle, traveling west with a large sum of money, get stranded in a storm. They find refuge in an abandoned cabin which already is sheltering four men who do not appear very friendly.

Prior to the start of two of the stories Louis L'Amour provides special commentary about living in earlier times. Before one story he talks of the techniques needed for scouting in the days of the Wild West, making this audio book informative as well as entertaining. Young people should be exposed to Louis L'Amour stories as they tell how the early west was developed, and they give insight into the kinds of men and women who made it happen. This is an excellent collection and would be enjoyed by listeners of all ages.

John Mormon

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