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Killer Heat, by Linda Fairstein (Read by Blair Brown)

The novels that I enjoy the most weave fictional stories within the confines of real places. In this new book by Linda Fairstein, one of the settings is located only about eight hundred yards from lower Manhattan, but it's a place that very few people know much about. Although I doubt that the dungeon under the castle described in the book really exists, my sense of the place has been irrevocably fashioned. One day, I will have to find out in person. This is the tenth book featuring the crime-solving skills of Manhattan prosecutor Alexandra Cooper, who is on the trail of serial killer who seems to have some kind of a military fetish. As in the earlier books, she is aided by Detectives Mercer and Chapman.

Killer Heat has some very clever plot twists, and the author reveals clues to the killer's identity in ways that only seem obvious when considering the book from the end of the tale. This book has a gritty tension and suspense that makes it hard to put it down. The author worked for the New York District Attorney's office for nearly thirty years, and the book provides information about current prosecution techniques against sexual and other violent criminal offenders. Blair Brown delivers another solid performance. I rate this audio book an 8/10.

John Mormon

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