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Chasing Life: New Discoveries in the Search for Immortality to Help You Age Less Today, by Sanjay Gupta (Read by the author)

Chasing Life

We've all seen the handsome Dr. Sanjay Gupta reporting on health issues on CNN, providing news coverage from Iraq or post 9/11 New York City or being featured in People or Time magazines. Now we have the opportunity to hear the doctor's personal prescription for maintaining health and vitality well into old age. In this thoroughly researched work, he provides sensible advice about how to eat and live in order to remain happy, healthy and productive for the longest time possible. Some of his recommendations are familiar and expected, but many of the things he advocates seem counterintuitive. For instance, he points out the possible dangers of vitamin use. At best, he says they are probably unnecessary and at worst, can harm certain individuals.

The book is full of information about aging and the changes the body goes through, and it's presented in such a way that the process sounds more hopeful than depressing. Other than learning that people who are too old to reproduce are considered by some scientists to be "biologically irrelevant", listening to the book is a very positive experience. It is the kind of audio book that should be referred to often. It would be impossible to absorb all the Dr. Sanjay's information in a single session, and each time I've listened I've heard new facts. He discusses the roles nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, genetics, environment and attitude play in the aging process, and he gives suggestions for maximizing the positive effects of each. In addition, he talks about current research being conducted to find cures and treatments for our most catastrophic diseases. His disclosures are fascinating! He explains how Herpes Simplex virus cells are being used to kill cancer cells. Scientists extract a necessary component from the virus and inject it into a tumor. The virus takes the missing component from the tumor until the tumor is destroyed, and then when the virus can't get any more of the missing component, the virus dies, too.

From stem cell treatments to cryonics to nanotechnology, the future holds promising solutions for the devastating problems of aging. Although the book is packed with information about complex scientific issues, Dr. Sanjay's approach is easy to understand. He is amazingly adept at presenting concepts in everyday language that anyone can grasp. His speaking voice is authoritative but friendly, in a "trusted family doctor" tone. This is a book to be listened to over and over. It's also a book to give to everyone you love and want to keep healthy and thriving for many years to come.

Ruth Mormon

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