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Backcountry Adventures, by Peter Massey and Jeanne Wilson

Must-Have SUV Backcountry Guidebooks

If you like maps, GPS coordinates, a bit of history, and great description of trails, then I've found the guidebooks for you. Backcountry Adventures by Peter Massey and Jeanne Wilson are truly the ultimate guides to the backcountry in several western states for anyone with a sport utility vehicle. I now have the entire set. I won't leave home without them!

I find these guidebooks to be user-friendly, complete and -- very importantly -- accurate. I have verified many of the trails portrayed in the several of the states. These guidebooks don't lead you astray. I also like the fact that there are plenty of pictures to pique my interest in trails I've yet to do. The Utah guide book for example, includes over 500 photos.

Each volume in the Backcountry Adventures series covers an entire state or a distinct region, including Southern California, Northern California, Utah, Arizona and Colorado. In addition to the meticulously detailed route directions and maps, these full-color guides include extensive information on the history of towns, ghost towns and regions passed along the way. You'll also find wildlife photos to help you identify and enjoy the critters you might see along a trail.

I have personally reviewed the Utah, Southern California, Colorado and Arizona books. I am impressed with the overall quality and presentation of the material. Add these guidebooks to your travel bag, and you won't be disappointed. They also make a great gift for your road-tripping SUV friends!

Del Albright

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