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Product Review: Nature's Tears Eye Mist

by Dan Sedenquist

Dan Sedenquist
Photo by Lynette Sedenquist

Product tester prepares to hit the road


OK, I admit it. I'm uniquely qualified to road-test this product. I think of myself as "Mr. Dry Eye." My tear ducts are inadequate and my eyes are dry - real dry - most of the time. And riding motorcycles while wearing contact lenses just doesn't work for me, no matter how furiously I blink. So when I was asked to review "Nature's Tears Eye Mist" I quickly agreed.

The first warning light went off when the product arrived. I was expecting one of those tiny plastic eyedrop bottles that would fit in one of the tiny pockets in my stylish, but increasingly too tight, motorcycle jackets. Instead, the product comes in two sizes: fist-sized and megajumbotron for medical (first aid/firefighter) applications.

Dan Sedenquist
Photo by Dan Sedenquist

Nature's Tears Eye Mist goes on the ultimate test drive

Then I noticed that the label says, "Water Tissue-Culture Grade" on it. Second warning light goes off. Yuck! Sounds like petri dishes full of blue-green mystery fluff. And putting that stuff in my eyes? Oh, please!

But I was still game to try the product. I happened to be sitting at my computer when I opened the package. Hmmm … computer work is mighty drying on the eyes and I was currently sporting a pair of ocular cornflakes. Hmmm … the directions say, "With applicator nozzle pointed towards you, from 8-12 inches away, depress top button, leaving eyes opened, and mist in a sweep across the eyes for 1-2 seconds". How hard could that be?

I popped the top, girded my loins and pssssssst. Dang. That was strange. And cold. But more remarkable, my eyes instantly felt better. So I sprayed them again. And again. At this point I had to get up and get a towel. This isn't a single-drop-in-each-eye kind of product. This is a facial flood. But my eyes were happy - real happy.

Dan Sedenquist
Photo by Dan Sedenquist

The "Mobile Eye-Drying Platform" takes a break on Califonia's Big Sur coast.


So now I'm thinking I need to spray my wife and teenage son's faces, in the name of science, naturally. They don't have dry eyes; I just wanted to hose them. Sure enough, both reported that their eyes enjoyed the misting. The TV screen never looked so moist.

Now it was time to go for the big test with a ride on the motorcycle to see how Nature's Tears performs, so I headed down past Carmel, Calif., along the Big Sur coast. (No, Big Sur doesn't provide especially dry air. I just look for any excuse to head down Highway 1 on my bike.) After a few high-speed miles on my "mobile eye-drying platform" I pulled over, fished around in my jacket, pulled out the spray can and gave my peepers a blast. Sure enough, instant relief once again. And again.

Bottom line: This is a nice addition to anyone's motorcycle jacket pockets, travel kit or first aid kit, especially if you have a tendency toward being "Mr. Dry Eye."

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Dan Sedenquist


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