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Ravens, by George Dawes Green

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This is an unusual story that involves the pitfalls that may be encountered after winning a state lottery.
Two young men, disgusted with their jobs and lives in general, leave Ohio and are driving to Florida to start their lives anew. Shaw McBride stops at a gas station in a small town in Georgia, leaving his friend Romeo sleeping while he enters the station's convenience store. When he sees a TV truck pulling in, he asks what is going on. The clerk tells him that a local resident has won the $318 million lottery, and the winning ticket was purchased in that store. Shocked to hear that a person living in such a small and remote place has won that much money, Shaw returns to the car, awakens Romeo and tells him the news. Then he becomes enraged and starts ranting and raving about it not being fair that some hick from a place like this wins. He says that it is wrong and smart people like him and Romeo should win big money since they at least would know what to do with it. He then convinces Romeo to help him carry out a plan that will make the person who won give them half of the money. Romeo agrees to do whatever Shaw's plan might be, but as Shaw's demonic actions become more and more depraved and violent, Romeo questions his decision to participate.

Shaw's plan is ingenious, if terrifyingly bizarre. Milton Boatwright and his family all agree to Shaw's demands and promise to share half the money with Shaw and Romeo. Soon Shaw not only has the Boatwright family under his control but also the entire town. The only person who isn't buying Shaw is an old time cop who mentions his doubt to the police chief and is told to keep idea to himself his if he wants to keep his job.

George Dawes Green's psychological suspense thriller promises to capture the imagination and take the reader prisoner, along with the Boatwrights, right up to the surprising conclusion. Narrated by both a male and female reader, the story alternately chills and soothes, taking the reader on a roller coaster ride of fear and human drama. Make this book a must on your list and you will not regret it.

John Mormon

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