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Alone, by Lisa Gardner and Holter Graham (Narrator)



From the beginning, this book is action packed. South Boston policeman Bobby Dodge responds to a domestic hostage situation and is forced to kill a man who is aiming a gun at his wife and child. The shooting is proper and justified, but all hell breaks loose the next day, when it's discovered that the dead husband is Jimmy Gagnon, son of the most powerful judge in the state. The judge and his wife file charges against Bobby Dodge claiming he murdered their son. They also accuse their daughter-in-law Catherine of child abuse and of conspiring with Bobby to plan Jimmy's death. Catherine is not only tormented by her in-laws' accusations, but also learns that a psychopath who kidnapped and raped her as a child has been released from prison and has vowed to kill her. Although Bobby recognizes Catherine's dark side, he tries to protect her and help her fight her in-laws for custody of her child. Nothing is as it seems and the listener will keep trying to sort good guys from bad guys until the conclusion.

Lisa Gardner tells a story that is believable but not predictable. Her plot twists are shocking and imaginative without being far-fetched. She also develops her characters skillfully. They are multi-dimensional, complicated people with enough emotional baggage to allow the listener to empathize with them, even when they're less than lovable. Narrator Holter Graham's reading of the story adds to its fascination. He evokes a wide range of emotional responses from the listener while building tension as the plot develops.

It is easy to recommend this book. The author does an outstanding job of keeping the listener wanting to hear more and more. Amateur detectives will have solved this crime several different times before the book reaches its stunning conclusion. Not only is the story compelling, but the message is also provocative. This book depicts how easily our lives can be changed by seemingly routine actions when Bobby Dodge's life turns inside out because of events stemming from his performance of duty at work. This is the perfect book to listen to for contemplation as well as entertainment.

John Mormon

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