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Women's Murder Club Box Set, Volume 1, by James Patterson (Read by Suzanne Toren, Melissa Leo, Jeremy Piven & Carolyn McCormick)

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Womens Murder Club
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Sometimes even good things come in threes. In this case it's the first three books in James Patterson's Women's Murder Club series featuring San Francisco homicide detective Lindsay Boxer and three of her crime-solving friends. The first book, 1st to Die, finds Lindsay reeling from the discovery that she has a serious blood disease, but her health concerns are quickly put on the back burner when she's called to the scene of a gruesome murder of a bride and groom who've just left their reception to get ready for their honeymoon trip. The case baffles Boxer, and to make matters worse she finds a meddling young woman at the scene who proves to be a crime reporter. At first Boxer wants to send her packing, but after making helpful suggestions, the girl wins her respect, trust and friendship. Calling in Boxer's best friend, Claire, the medical examiner, and Jill, an assistant D.A., the foursome join forces to solve the crime and end up calling themselves The Women's Murder Club.

In the second book, 2nd Chance, it appears that an ex-cop who was convicted of killing a young black boy and has now been released from prison is killing innocent black people in a kind of revenge. As a result of her work in solving the bride-and-groom murders in 1st to Die, Lindsay Boxer has been promoted to lieutenant. She's determined to prove that these murders are the work of a serial killer, not a fanatic racist. The other three members of the Women's Murder Club add their special insights and skills to help her solve this thriller as it twists and spins to its startling conclusion.

Book Three, 3rd Degree, involves a local terrorist who believes people of wealth should be killed and their wealth given to the needy. Deputy Director of the Office of Homeland Security, Joe Molinari, is sent from Washington to assist Boxer. A torrid love affair starts between Boxer and Joe. Together they and the Women's Murder Club solve the most confusing case, but tragedy strikes and one of the club members is killed.

James Patterson doesn't disappoint in this series of books. The characters are engaging and believable and the plots are terrifyingly suspenseful. Although Lindsay Boxer is the dominant character, Patterson builds strong personalities for each of the other women. The combination of crime, friendship, feminine intuition, danger and women's issues works in these books to create an intriguing scenario where, although operating in a men's world, the heroines are seen to be strong, self-reliant, but very female. Each of the narrators adds to the enjoyment of the whole listening experience making this set a great addition to a library of audio fiction.

John Mormon

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