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Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment by James Patterson and Evan Rachel Wood (Narrator)

Maximum Ride

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to stretch your arms and be airborne, flying over buildings, trees, lakes and mountains? The 6 mutant children (98% human and 2% bird) introduced in Patterson's Where the Wind Blows have that luxury. Unfortunately they also have an assortment of problems related to that ability. Born of normal parents, they were taken to a laboratory where their DNA was altered, giving them wings and other extraordinary features. 14 year old Max and her flock of "angels" have escaped their cages and are living a relatively normal life until they are discovered by half-human, half-wolf Erasers who are sent to kill them.

Max's pseudo-family consists of Iggy, Fang, Nudge, Gasman and Angel, each of whom has unique superhuman abilities and talents. This young adult science fiction thriller takes the listener on exhilarating flights across the country to Death Valley and then to New York City, where Max leads her band into the hidden community of the denizens of the subway system. Their constant quest, other than staying alive, is to find answers to why they were abducted as children and who their parents are.

Evan Rachel Wood's voice is convincing as the resourceful and sensitive Max. Patterson has chosen to have Max tell the story from her point of view, which adds a feeling of reality to what would ordinarily be bizarre circumstances.

As a road trip book, this would be relished by children and young adults and accepted by their adult chauffeurs. It's a page turner for adolescents who will appreciate Max's sarcastic distrust of adult authority figures, but the plot is fast paced and will intrigue adult listeners as well. I recommend this audio book and look forward to hearing more of Max and the Flock's adventures.

Ruth Mormon

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