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The Quickie, by James Pattterson, Michael Ledwidge & Mary Stuart Masterson (Narrator)

The Quickie
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How can NYPD homicide detective Lauren Stilwell keep from going out of her mind? One day she is the loving, trusting wife of a wonderful man, and the next she is a revenge-seeking woman involved in a one-night stand. Her life becomes more complicated when she witnesses a brutal murder, recognizes her husband as the murderer and learns that she has been assigned to head the investigation of the crime. What a dilemma? If she does her job, her career, her marriage and her life will be ruined. If she doesn't expose the truth, everything she's worked for and stood for will be a sham, and her own life may be in jeopardy. Her decision to betray her marriage vows for a "quickie" puts her on a roller coaster course of events, full of conflicting emotions and startling discoveries.

James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge have crafted a story with an astonishing number of twists and turns in a unique plot. Just when it seems that Lauren's life can't get any more complex, she discovers new sets of problems. While most investigators try to gather clues, it seems that Lauren is more interested in eliminating them. It is fascinating to see how she handles the difficult roles of being investigator, witness and victim, all at the same time. The action and intrigue never stop, and each of the major characters provides surprises. Narrator Mary Stuart Masterson does a fine job of giving voice to each of the characters. She makes Lauren both vulnerable and invincible while imbuing the narration with just the right amount of tension to keep the reader spellbound and terrified.

It's tempting to tell too much about the plot and subplots in this gripping thriller, but listeners are in for a treat if left to discover them for themselves. The authors do not disappoint when it comes to delivering an engrossing, shocking story that entertains from start to finish. Consider this book a must for sheer enjoyment.

John Mormon

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