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, by James Siegel



This action-packed, fast-paced novel takes many detours before its ending. An American couple goes to Bogotá, Colombia, to adopt a baby. After Colombian insurgents kidnap the couple and their baby, the husband, Paul, is sent back to the United States on a mission for the rebels. He has eighteen days to complete the mission, or his wife and baby will be killed. He encounters many obstacles on his quest, such as drug smuggling, the Russian Mafia, arson, murder, suicide, and a rogue DEA agent.

An underlying account of a Colombian family willing to do anything to protect their own little girl is interwoven into the plot. The two stories unite in a most surprising but satisfying ending.

I thoroughly recommend this book with its many "detours." Just when it seems like he will be able to fulfill his mission and obtain freedom for his wife and daughter, Paul encounters another misfortune and is forced to embark on a new plan. This keeps the listener in an intense state of suspense throughout the book.

The narrator, Holter Graham, demonstrates his skill as an actor, giving each of the characters a distinct voice. His presentation creates the atmosphere of tension, fear, hope, despair, and determination that make this six-hour audio book on five CDs -- an abridgement approved by the author -- a winner.

John Mormon

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