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Kill the Messenger, by Tami Hoag & Erik Davies (Narrator)


The provocative title of this book is meaningful from beginning to end. The messenger in this case is one of those daredevil bikers seen speeding and weaving in and out of traffic in cities like New York and Los Angeles. One of the messengers, J.C. Damon, or Jace to his friends, is given a late, last minute delivery. He picks it up at a lawyer's office and when he gets to the drop-off address, he finds that it's an empty lot. Puzzled, he looks around and sees a car speeding right at him. He luckily escapes, but the killer seeks him out throughout the book. To make Jace's life even more hazardous, the police want him for the murder of the lawyer who was killed after his pickup assignment.

Jace is a likable 19-year-old orphan who is trying to provide for his 10-year-old brother Tyler. Both are hiding from the social services workers who want to split them up and send Tyler to a foster home. The boys are befriended by Madam Chen, the matriarch of a large family who owns a fish market in Chinatown.

Tami Hoag has created a suspenseful, gripping tale of life literally on the streets of L.A. The story is peopled by diverse and intriguing characters. There's Tyler with a 168 IQ and the ability to speak fluent Chinese, Kev Parker, the detective who leads the murder investigation, and Abby, the daughter of the murdered lawyer. Erik Davies skillfully narrates the book, creating tension and suspense in his reading of the crisp, sharp dialogue.

The story never has a dull moment, and I can recommend it, knowing that you will enjoy the main story line as well as the subplots that will pique your interest and keep you guessing throughout. It will be hard to see a bike deliveryman on the roadway and not be reminded of Jace's ordeal as the hapless messenger.

John Mormon

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