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Night Fall, by Nelson DeMille and Scott Brick (Narrator)

Night Fall

On July 17, 1996, TWA Fight 800 left JFK Airport on route to Paris. At approximately 8:30 pm, it exploded off the coast of Long Island, sending all 230 passengers and crew to their Atlantic Ocean graves. After investigation by the FBI, CIA, and various police agencies, the tragedy was declared an accident, but there were many cries of a cover-up and conspiracy.

While attending a fifth year memorial anniversary of the event with his wife, Kate Mayfield, who was one of the original FBI investigators, John Corey becomes interested in the circumstances of the explosion. Although originally a NYPD detective, John is now working as a contract agent for the Anti-Terrorism Task Force with Kate. When they decide to investigate the tragedy and begin to uncover disturbing evidence, they are warned by the FBI and CIA to stop. Eyewitness accounts of a missile striking the plane and the discovery of information that was overlooked by the FBI and the CIA, along with the unearthing of a missing videotape recorded by a couple on the beach, convince them to continue their dangerous pursuit of information. What the government has called an accident caused by sparks igniting gas fumes seems more and more like the cover-up of a terrorist act to John and Kate in this shocking thriller.

When the TWA Flight 800 tragedy occurred, I was caught up in the furor of the FBI's disregard of hundreds of witnesses who claimed to have seen a rocket seconds before the explosion. DeMille exposes many of the details that were either unknown or ignored by news reporters in 1996. Nelson DeMille is a first rate storyteller, and although this unabridged, 13-disk audio book takes 15 hours to hear, I didn't want it to end. Narrator Scott Brick, using different voices for each character, enables the listener to become an intimate part of their world and their lives.

This fictionalized account of the actual tragedy of TWA flight 800 is spellbinding from its opening pages to its shocking conclusion. I highly recommend this breathtaking thriller, which will leave you to decide. Accident? Or conspiracy and cover-up?

John Mormon

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