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Mary, Mary(Alex Cross Novel), by James Patterson and Peter J. Fernandez, Michael Louis Wells, & Melissa Leo (Narrators)

Mary, Mary
This is a most interesting story since it starts with a storyteller who states he is writing a story that will be a blockbuster. However, he states he must live the moments, and so he must commit murders in order to feel the emotions of a killer. His first crime is a triple murder in New York City, and, feeling successful, he returns to his hometown of Los Angeles. Soon after, the entertainment columnist the Los Angeles Times receives an email that is addressed to a Hollywood producer. The message tells the female producer that she is being killed because she is an unfit mother. The murder is described, and the email is signed Mary Smith. To the columnist's horror, the murder takes place exactly as the email message described it. Three more murders of famous Hollywood celebrities take place, and each is described in email from Mary Smith.

The LA police ask the FBI for assistance, and Alex Cross (the protagonist of many of Patterson's books) is sent to Los Angeles to assist. The story takes a twist when Mary Smith is caught. Alex Cross uncovers a bizarre story involving Mary that leads to a surprising ending. As usual, James Patterson weaves a story that keeps you guessing throughout.

The readers, Peter J. Fernandez, Michael Louis Wells, and Melissa Leo, do a fine job of bringing life to each character. Interaction among the three actors adds impact to the audio book by suggesting danger and tension.

John Mormon

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