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Robert Ludlum's (TM) The Bourne Betrayal (Jason Bourne), by Eric Van Lustbader and Jeremy Davidson (Narrator)

The Bourne Betrayal
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This action-packed book does not slow down until the final page. Jason Bourne is shocked to hear his most trusted friend Martin Lindros has been missing for a couple of months. When he went to Ethiopia to locate a terrorist named Fadi who supposedly had information about a group planning a nuclear attack on a major city like Los Angeles, New York or Washington and didn't return, word was that his group was killed and Martin taken prisoner. Jason is sent to find out if Lindros is still alive and if he is, to rescue him. Jason locates him and brings him back to the Central Intelligence where no one doubts that he is Lindros, even though he looks bad and his voice sounds different. After all, he passed the right eye retina scan which is the final security test used to enter the CI building. Actually unknown to Jason and the rest, the real Martin Lindros is still held captive and his right eye is an empty cavity. From this point on Jason has one harrowing experience after another.

Eric Van Lustbader has followed Robert Ludlum's style and created a most interesting situation for Jason Bourne, the hero of Ludlum's earlier books. After his wife's death he starts having flashbacks which find him running with the bloody body of an unknown woman. Since he does not know who she is and where he is running, Central Intelligence sends him to a doctor who works with amnesiacs. This leads to even greater problems for Jason who is already looking for his friend, battling terrorists, and trying to decide if his own agency is trying to kill him. Luckily, he is befriended by female agent, Soraya, so he is not alone in his quest to thwart the terrorists and save lives.

It will be difficult to stop listening to this book once started. The story is fast-moving, suspenseful and filled with surprises from the shocking and hard-to-believe things that Fadi does to infiltrate the CI to the possible betrayal by Jason's colleagues. Narrator Jeremy Davidson does a terrific job in giving each of the characters distinct voices and personalities. He keeps the listener on the edge of his seat with his ability to maintain tension, terror and turmoil. This book is highly recommended and will hold the listener's attention from beginning to its surprising conclusion.

John Mormon

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