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Divine Justice
, by David Baldacci (Read by Ron McLarty)

The Camel Club is back and ready for action. Oliver Stone, aka John Carr, is struggling in the cold waters of the ocean after his fall from a 30-foot cliff. He manages to get ashore and knows he is now the most wanted man in the country after killing two high-profile government men. When he returns to Washington, D.C. to leave a note for his friends from the Camel Club, he tells them to forget the past happenings and to stay safe. He asks them not to try and find him. Luck is on his side when he saves a young man from a gang of thugs and the young man takes him home to the remote coal-mining town of Divine. Divine seems perfect for Oliver, because it is cut off from the outside world with no buses or trains, and the only law enforcement officer is a kindly sheriff. The people accept him and welcome him into their town. Meanwhile, the group that wants to eliminate John Carr, aka Oliver Stone, has sent a special agent, Joe Knox, to locate him. The Camel Club decides that they will follow Knox, hoping that he will lead them to Oliver.

Oliver soon discovers there is a lot of trouble in Divine. As he becomes aware of the odd things that are happening, he realizes Divine is not safe for him or the town residents he's grown to care about. Baldacci's ingenious plot makes allies of enemies and enemies of friends, leaving the reader hanging on every word until the final satisfying conclusion. Oliver, seemingly immune to love after the tragic murders of his wife and daughter in earlier books, finds himself enchanted by a local woman in this audio book. It takes a special reader to give a believable voice to larger-than-life Oliver, as well as his supporting cast of Camel Club regulars and the people of Divine. Ron McLarty does it magnificently.

Baldacci combines elements of intrigue, romance, terror, loyalty, honor, and humor in this latest adventure of the Camel Club. The intensely dramatic final scenes are filled with enough suspense and surprises to make listeners want to fast forward to find out what happened. However, resist the urge to do that, because Oliver Stone is the kind of character that you're sorry to say good-by to when the book is over. This entertaining, enjoyable book should be at the top of your list of great audio books to try.

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