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Judge & Jury, by James Patterson and Andrew Gross; read by Joe Montegna

Judge and Jury

Dominic Cavello, the boss of the New York mafia, has been the elusive obsession of FBI Senior Agent Nick Pellisante until he locates him at a wedding in Montauk, Long Island and arrests him after a shootout. All through the four months prior to his trial, Cavello laughs and swears he will never be convicted. After three of his former aides turn against him and testify, it seems as if the Don is doomed. The only question left is whether he will be given the death penalty or life imprisonment. Yet the Don still insists that he will never be convicted. To make sure that his boasts will come true, Cavello hires a Russian hit man to cause a devastating disruption of his first trial and to bring about an escape from his second. Nick is joined in his worldwide pursuit of the hit man and Cavello by one of the jurors, Ande DeGrasse. Her motives are both for revenge and for justice. From Tel Aviv to the tip of South America, the hunt takes the listener on a roller coaster ride of chills, thrills and surprises.

James Patterson and Andrew Gross have written a suspenseful, gripping legal thriller with one of the most diabolical villains of modern crime fiction. The tenderness of the romance between Nick and Ande provides a welcome buffer that offsets the chilling actions of Cavello and his paid assassin.

Read by actor Joe Mantegna, the book takes on the feeling of a news report where the characters are brought to life by a thorough and sensitive, investigative reporter. His voice elicits feelings of reliability, openness and trust. He maintains the fast pace of the plot while creating unique voices for his characters.

Right from the prologue, this book is action packed. I highly recommend this audio book for its gripping tale of crime, criminals and courtrooms as well as for its study of good and evil. The listener will find himself rooting for the good guys, while at the same time, fascinated by the bad guys.

John Mormon

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