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The Chicago Way, by Michael Harvey and Stephen Hoye (Narrator)

The Chicago Way
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Michael Kelly, private investigator and former Chicago detective, is asked by his ex-partner, now retired, to help him with a serious problem. Years before he partnered with Kelly, Gibbons was involved with a rape case where the victim was stabbed so many times Gibbons thought she would die before she got to the hospital. Now, over 10 years later, Gibbons has received a letter from a woman who claims to be that young girl who was raped and stabbed. Kelly tells his friend he will help him look into the case. Nine hours after their meeting, Gibbons is murdered, and Kelly learns he is a suspect when he is called and asked for a comment by an anchorwoman for a local TV news show. He decides to find out who killed Gibbons and meets the woman who claims she hired Kelly through Gibbons to look for her rapist. Kelly finds that someone is killing anyone who was involved in the original rape and stabbing case. He is helped by his lifelong friend, Nicole who is on a special rape task force and is a DNA expert. Together they close in on the murderer, and the shocking conclusion is amazing.

Michael Harvey has created a fascinating character in Michael Kelly. This seemingly tough guy has the unusual habit of reading Greek mythology and ancient history in his spare time, and he relates their teachings to his modern life. In addition to presenting a spellbinding tale, Harvey explains some of the effects of rape on its victims and the people around them. Stephen Hoye is an excellent narrator and does a superb job of giving each of the characters a voice and personality. He is able to capture the both the gentle or seductive tones of the females and the hard-boiled qualities of the men.

Even sophisticated armchair detectives will be impressed with Harvey's very unusual and surprising conclusion. Anyone who enjoys following clues and predicting who the culprit might be, will enjoy this book. This is Harvey's first novel, and if The Chicago Way is any indication, crime fiction fans can look forward to future mesmerizing audio books from another powerhouse author.

John Mormon

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