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The Overlook: A Novel (Harry Bosch), by Michael Connelly and Len Cariou (Narrator)

The Overlook
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Detective Harry Bosch is awakened in the middle of the night by a call to investigate a murder at a scenic overlook. He's not thrilled about working with a new partner, Ignatius Ferras and can't bring himself to call him "Iggy" as the younger man has requested. The murder victim, a scientist who has access to radioactive material, has apparently been killed for a container of missing cesium. Cesium is being used to treat cancer, and Dr. Kent is in charge of determining the proper amount of the dangerous drug to administer to cancer patients. Because terrorists are suspected, the FBI reports to the crime scene, too, and Harry finds himself working once more with his former lover, Rachel Walling. When the scientist's wife is found naked and tied up in their home, Harry understands how Dr. Kent was persuaded to turn the cesium over to the killers, but until the cesium is found and the killers identified the question remains-is this a murder or an act of terrorism?

This is Connelly's 13th Harry Bosch mystery, but 13 is not an unlucky number for Harry Bosch fans. Harry Bosch is perhaps one of the best developed characters in modern crime fiction. In this book, he refers to a daughter he visits in Hong Kong, giving the character even more depth and dimension. His refusal to acknowledge his partner's nickname is comical, but it serves to illustrate his unwillingness to compromise without extreme justification. Lou Cariou has read at least five of the Harry Bosch novels, and he is Harry now to all the listeners who've heard the earlier works.

The Overlook is particularly timely with its terrorist subplot and the realization that the modern miracles we value for their life-saving capability can be deadly in the wrong hands. Connelly delivers a suspense-filled audio book with a likable good guy who doesn't always take admirable steps to accomplish his goals, but he always atones for his wrongdoings. Even the best armchair detective will be surprised by the cleverly plotted conclusion. As satisfying as listening to the story is, the added bonus of original music of Frank Morgan makes it an even more enjoyable experience. Highly recommended.

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