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The Book of Fate, by Brad Meltzer & Scott Brick (Narrator)

16 HOURS ON 15 CDs

The Book of Fate

This is a fast moving, action-filled book that keeps the listener wondering who, what and why from beginning to end. Wes Holloway, President Leland Manning's personal aide, feels responsible for the tragedy that occurs at a NASCAR race when shots are fired at the President and his entourage. The President and First Lady are unharmed, but the deputy chief of staff, Manning's best friend, is killed and Wes is badly injured.

The President loses his bid for reelection, and although Wes is left badly disfigured after his recovery, Manning rehires him as his aide. While on a trip to Malaysia, Wes discovers that Ron Boyle, the murdered deputy chief of staff, is really still alive. That opens a can of worms, and Wes is caught in the middle of a dangerous conspiracy. Agents of the FBI, CIA and Secret Service are after him, and he doesn't know whom to trust. In addition, the insane gunman who shot him has escaped and is determined to find Wes, killing several innocent people along the way. The cat and mouse game leads to a final confrontation in a cemetery where the answers to all the puzzles are revealed.

This suspenseful adventure is also very informative. It discusses the history of the Masons and reveals the many famous men who were or presently are members. An interesting use of crossword puzzles and use of a code that goes back to Thomas Jefferson's day are described. Anyone who enjoys technology tricks will appreciate learning how two cell phones can be used to spy on an unsuspecting colleague.

Not only does the writing make this book easy to recommend, but the outstanding narration by Scott Brick is captivating. Although it is a long book, the dialogue stays engaging, and the listener, while eager to solve the mystery, is reluctant to part with the characters at the book's end. In fact, Scott Brick makes the characters sound so genuine, that I found myself wanting speak to them and ask them what was going on.

In the end, Wes Holloway must chose between loyalty and betrayal-to his bosses, to his country, to his friends and to himself. I recommend this book because it's not only a provocative thriller, but Wes' choices leave the listener with ideas to ponder.

John Mormon

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