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Medical Myths That Can Kill You: And the 101 Truths That Will Save, Extend, and Improve Your Life, by Nancy L Snyderman, M.D. (Read by the Author)

The subtitle of this audio book, "And the 101 Truths that will Save, Extend and Improve your Life," is the key to the real value of this book. Sure, it's deliciously scandalous to hear a medical expert debunk the old wives' tales preached by dear old mom, but that only provides entertainment, not enlightenment. Dr Snyderman's information is timely, precise, easy to understand and enjoyably presented. She lists these seven myths, followed by over a hundred truths and numerous segments she calls, "News You Can Use."

Annual Checkups Are Obsolete
Vaccinations Are Just For Kids
Doctor's Don't Play Favorites
Only Old People Get Heart Disease and Stroke
We're Losing the War on Cancer
Natural Means "Safe"
You Can Just Snap Out of Mental Illness

As an accomplished health correspondent who appears regularly on television, Dr. Synderman inspires trust. She advocates staying healthy by eating the right foods, getting sufficient rest and exercise and avoiding stressful situations -- all the things we already knew were beneficial, but she does it in a way that is motivational. By disclosing some of her own encounters with doctors and medical treatment she personalizes the information she provides. She is cognizant of the patient's perspective in medical situations and tries to treat the whole being, not just the afflicted organ or condition. She questions several popular medical practices, among them, body scans and the widespread use of vitamin supplements.

This uncomplicated audio book is deceptively comprehensive. Not only does Dr. Snyderman assure listeners that they can't catch cold from being in cold weather and sexually transmitted diseases are not caught from toilet seats, she offers sound advice for health living. She supports the significance of the mind-body connection for good health and happy living and she describes a family tradition of finding "today's gift" that can only enrich the lives of everyone who tries it. Highly recommended and just what the doctor ordered.

Ruth Mormon

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