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Elizabeth, by J. Randy Taraborrelli and Lynne Maclean (Narrator)


Born in London of affluent American parents, Elizabeth Taylor's appearance was exceptional from birth. Her body was completely covered with fuzzy dark hair, and she had 2 rows of eyelashes. The hair fell off after a month, but the eyelashes remained to frame the violet-grey eyes which would be the focal point of one of the most beautiful faces of the 20th Century. Her mother Sara, a successful stage actress, was determined to make Elizabeth a star, so from the age of two, Elizabeth was given singing, dancing and acting lessons. At age nine, her mother brought her to America, and by age 13, Elizabeth had fulfilled her mother's dream--she was a movie star. Denied a normal childhood by the demands of stardom, Elizabeth continued the pattern of dysfunctional relationships in her choices of husbands. She became the battered wife of Nicky Hilton at 18 and to date has been married eight times to seve men. Mike Todd was killed in a plane crash-all the other marriages were disasters. This book examines her motives in choosing those husbands in a way the tabloids could not.

My first impression was to pass over this book, since there are other books about the life of Elizabeth Taylor, and I couldn't imagine why anyone would write another. I am thankful that my curiosity got the better of me, because I found this book fascinating. Her mother's influence until she died at the age of 98 and Elizabeth's bouts of alcohol abuse and prescription drug addiction are covered in detail. Through the comments of friends, family and other acquaintances, the author has revealed the course of events and emotions that guided the life of an original American idol from childhood stardom to senior citizen philanthropy.

Whether you are a fan of Elizabeth Taylor or not, I feel you will enjoy this book which answers many questions about one of the most beautiful women in the world. It's hard to stop listening to the exploits of the dynamic, vivacious woman who has not only known the most famous and interesting people of the last 6 decades, but who has become very familiar to us through her movies and her tabloid exposure. Elizabeth Taylor personifies the ideal of living life with passion, and by eavesdropping on her conversations, we get to vicariously do the same.

John Mormon

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