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My Father, My President: A Personal Account of the Life of George H. W. Bush, by Doro Bush Koch (Read by the author and featuring George H.W. and Barbara Bush)


My Father, My President

Put aside your political affiliations, and you will find this book interesting and appealing. The author is the little-known daughter of former president George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush. Her name, Doro, was shortened from Dorothy. She wrote the story to tell about her father, the man, and not the politician. Both George and Barbara are featured throughout the book and speak in their own voices at various times.

Prior to starting the biography, the author used her parents' Christmas card list and wrote to each person on the list, asking for anecdotes about her father. She combines the written replies with personal interviews and her own recollections to paint a warm and loving picture of the man we knew as a world leader. In addition to information about family events and relationships, she includes many references to the military, business and political career of her father. Through her writing, we hear the former president discuss his dealings with Richard Nixon at the time of Watergate. We hear him offer personal insight regarding Kissinger and Noriega. We learn that he and another former president, Bill Clinton, not only work together for charitable causes, but enjoy each other's company socially.

Doro Bush Koch does not try to determine the historical significance of her father's presidency, but she does present an insider's view of a thoughtful, considerate man who achieved fame as a World War II pilot, oil businessman, UN Ambassador, U.S. Ambassador to China, CIA Director, Vice President, and President of the United States. The book concludes with George Bush reading a letter he wrote to all of his children, knowing their concerns about his being 80 years old. It is a beautiful message and shows much of the person who was once our president. This alone makes it easy to recommend this book.

John Mormon

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