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The Camel Club, by David Baldacci and Jonathan Davis (Narrator)

16 HOURS ON 13 CDs

The Camel Club

Who says conspiracy theorists are kooks? The Camel Club is a group of four eccentric government watchdogs, but their observations, research and actions prove that they are anything but demented. Their leader is a mysteriously resourceful, knowledgeable, physically fit 60-year-old who has assumed the name Oliver Stone. Together with Rueben, the three-time Vietnam veteran, Milton, the OCD computer whiz, and Caleb, the rare books librarian, he uncovers a plot that could lead to the annihilation of six million people and the end of any hopes of world peace.

Baldacci presents an amazing amount of information related to terrorism, global economics, weaponry, nuclear armament, Middle Eastern cultures, CIA and FBI training and procedures and the post- 911 operations of the National Intelligence Council and the Department of Homeland Security. The government intrigues he describes, while frightening, are quite plausible. He is so skillful at developing characters that although we may not agree with their motives, we can understand how they might have come to the decisions that led them to act. Of particular interest to me was the Muslim woman who was recruited by the terrorist organization. Her assessment of American culture, although misguided and inaccurate, was perfectly valid to her.

Jonathan Davis does an excellent job narrating this 16-hour recording. There were only a few female characters, but each was portrayed with a believable, distinct accent. I found it interesting that he made Oliver Stone sound like Clint Eastwood, since Stone had the demeanor of a Dirty Harry-like character and could be played by Clint Eastwood if The Camel Club were to be made into a movie.

Wow! This was a great audio book for a monotonous daily commute. I found myself hoping for traffic jams so that I could squeeze a few minutes more out my time in the car. The plot twists and the subplots kept the excitement level high throughout the book. I couldn't wait to see how everything would turn out, but I didn't want the book to end.

Ruth Mormon

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