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Dead Even, by Brad Meltzer (Read by Scott Brick)

Theirs should have been the kind of life that other couples only dream of…two bright, young attorneys, in love with each other and with the profession they've chosen, envied by their peers for their skills and for their beauty and charisma. Instead of a fairy tale existence, though, their life becomes a horror story with the most frightening consequences. After a near-fatal career misstep, Sara Tate lands a job as an assistant D.A. Eager to stand out among the new hires, she grabs a case intended for a senior attorney. The nightmare begins when her husband, Jared, is hired as the defense attorney in the case, and it's clear that both their lives depend on the outcome of the trial. What she'd thought was a simple burglary case is soon found to be much more as the bodies pile up, and she and Jared find themselves questioning everyone involved, even each other.

Meltzer has combined an ingenious plot with strong, well-developed characters to create an engrossing, spine-tingling thriller that keeps the reader guessing until the final scenes. As in life, the characters have both negative and positive qualities, so it's impossible to determine who the heroes and villains truly are until the conclusion. Scott Brick's confident and commanding narration makes the portrayals of both champions and scoundrels very convincing at the appropriate moments.

Being exposed to the inner workings of the court system, from the DA's office to the plush offices of expensive defense attorneys is an added bonus in this audio book. Meltzer shows the seamy side of what is usually assumed to be a glamorous occupation. In contrast, he points out the principles of justice, truth and righteousness that are practiced by most attorneys, despite what is commonly believed about them. This audio book is not only an exciting and suspenseful story, it inspires introspection and reflection. The listener can't help but ponder the depth of commitment between husbands and wives and the ambiguities in our legal system. This is one of those books that lends itself to an encore performance, because the characters and the situations warrant meticulous reexamination.

Ruth Mormon

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