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I Am America (And So Can You!), by Stephen Colbert (Read by the Author)

3.5 HOURS ON 3 CDs
I Am America
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Even the packaging for this audiobook is outrageous with its demand that the listener "Buy this audiobook before you leave the store" and Colbert's personal endorsement: "A great listen! I laughed, I cried, I lost 15 pounds! I cannot recommend this audiobook highly enough." Those thoughts pretty much set the tone for the 3.5 hours of ranting and pontificating by The Comedy Channel's premiere philosopher. Stephen Colbert is determined to save America and all it stands for by ensuring that everyone thinks just like him. There is hardly an aspect of American culture that escapes his attention. Homosexuality is a recurring theme, and one of his claims is that "It's an addiction, like smoking, but you can do it on an airplane." Colbert does show that he tries to be open to differing beliefs and opinions when he recognizes that there are many religions besides his Roman Catholicism. In fact, he says that the Judeo-Christian world is like Sears and Roebuck, but "the Jews are Roebuck."

This audiobook contains more than just Stephen Colbert's opinions. There are numerous guest appearances in the "Stephen speaks for me" segments. The highest profile guest is God, who explains the power of prayer and how he determines what prayers get answered. "And I always have money on the Super Bowl, so don't even ask."
Stephen Colbert's message is so profound that he's been able to acquire commercial sponsorship for several chapters. Blockbuster and Chevron are among the corporate sponsors, and although Stephen speaks of the value of digital recording, Tivo is not specifically mentioned because they did not step up to the plate and buy naming rights to a chapter.

This book is fun! The satire is delivered with impassioned, serious and seemingly genuine conviction, making it especially comical. Nonstop, rapid-fire comments cover such a wide range of subjects that almost any listener can find topics with which to identify or to be offended by. Fellow comedians such as Jon Stewart and Amy Sedaris lend their voices to the production and make the audio book even more enjoyable. This is one book that gets better with each hearing. Whether it's the anticipation of rehearing a favorite comment or the chance to reflect further on a topic, the book lends itself to repeated replay. Does that make it a classic? I don't think so, but it does make it a great audio accompaniment to life's journeys.

Ruth Mormon

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