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Light on Snow, by Anita Shreve and Alyson Silverman (Narrator)

Light on Snow

Nicky Dillon feels that although she is only twelve, she already has led two separate lives. After the tragic accident that killed her mother and her baby sister, Clara, Nicky's grief-stricken father moved her from their beautiful suburban New York home to a rustic farmhouse six miles outside a small town in northern New Hampshire. While snowshoeing near their home, they discover an abandoned newborn baby in a sleeping bag in the frozen forest. The baby lives, and after the mother of the baby visits them, Nikki befriends her, helping her to evade the detective who is trying to find the people responsible for leaving a baby to die.

I started this book thinking it would be a mystery and then realized it was a story of a young girl's passing from puberty into young womanhood. Not only does she have to face the trials and tribulations of growing up, she has to deal with the loss of her mother and her baby sister and the effect their deaths have on her grieving father. I was impressed with Nicky's ability to face the hardships that led her to such early maturity. This seven-CD, seven-hour book would be ideal for a road trip with more than one person in the car, because it has a different message for each listener.

Anita Shreve is so adept at characterization and description that the listener feels part of the characters' lives, the plot and the setting. She has crafted this story so skillfully that I felt I was there on snowshoes with Nicky and her father, hearing a baby cry. When she described the melting snow falling off the pine limbs, I could feel the cold trickle down the back of my neck and chill my spine. The reader, Alyson Silverman, does an admirable job with the voices of her characters, making the listener feel like Nicky as she faces each day's experiences.

One of the reasons I thoroughly enjoyed this book was for the awareness it gave me in realizing that life can change so quickly. It moved me to understand that life can bring us sadness, but can make us appreciate the chance to change sadness to happiness.

John Mormon

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