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Double Cross, by James Patterson (Read by Peter J. Fernandez and Michael Stuhlbarg)

6.5 HOURS ON 5 CDs
Double Cross
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This is a unique story featuring Alex Cross, the famous homicide detective. In this book, Cross is out of police work and has his own therapy practice. He is content with his new life and the time he can spend with his family. He is also dating a woman, Bree Stone, a homicide detective who works with John Sampson, Alex Cross's old partner and good friend. They are now working on a case which is baffling them and they seek Alex's help. The killer they're trying to find considers himself a great actor and stages elaborate murder scenes, using different personas. Because he makes sure there are people around to see his killings, the media has dubbed him the "Audience Killer."

Alex recalls the last case he solved which was the capture of the most vicious serial killer known -- Kyle Craig was very elusive and left no clue to his identity. When captured by Cross it was a shock to find out he was an FBI agent and a friend of Alex Cross. When Craig was sentenced to death he told the judge he would escape and kill her, and then he would kill Cross and his entire family. Alex takes time off from his practice and works diligently with Bree and Sampson to find the Audience Killer as well as Kyle Craig who escaped and killed the judge. Excitement mounts as Kyle Craig meets with the Audience Killer and discovers the killer has an assistant. The trio wants Alex Cross dead. A stunning conclusion rocks not just the listener, but Alex and the entire police force.

James Patterson has written another gripping, suspenseful thriller with plot twists and compelling characters. Unlike several of his recent novels, this book is not written with a coauthor and is a return to the original Patterson. Using two narrators to deliver the conversations and thoughts of Alex and his adversaries adds to the drama in this audio book.

This book is an excellent addition to the James Patterson collection of works. As Alex and his villains play their game of cat and mouse, the listener feels the chills and thrills of a real life drama, thanks to Patterson's skillful writing. This is a book well worth a "highly recommended" certificate.

John Mormon

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