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These are the Journals of the Phoenix One Expedition
from March, 1994 to August, 1996.

When we left town on March 27, 1994, we had no itinerary, no return date, and no agenda. We did, however, want to keep in touch with our friends and families. Because we knew post cards would not be enough to maintain relationships in the long run, we decided before we left to write and send a monthly newsletter.

These first journals were published on our trusty laptop computer and copied at print shops across the country. Our mailing list grew from the original 87 to over 500 by the middle of 1996. We licked all the stamps and mailed each issue from wherever we were.

ROADTRIP AMERICA® has given us the chance to publish the PHOENIX ONE JOURNAL electronically, and we've added color photographs that we weren't able to include in the originals.

  1. Pasadena, California - October 27, 1993: A Day to Remember;
    March 27, 1994: A Day to Celebrate!
  2. Columbia, California - On The Road -- Finally!
  3. Beverly Beach, Oregon - So Here's What We've Been Doing...
  4. Lyre River, Washington - Giant Pieces of Ice, Huge Jets, Enormous Bellbottons, Flying Cows - Are We Having Fun Yet?
  5. Joseph, Oregon - All Trails Lead To Oregon, Just Like Back in 1843
  6. Fairmont Hot Springs, British Columbia - Typical Tourists--Getting Soaked
  7. Pierce, Idaho and Montreal, Quebec - It's Autumn, and We're Two Places at Once!
  8. Chicago, Illinois - Three Ms Reunite in Time For Halloween!
  9. Montreal, Quebec - Peru's in Indiana, Miracle's in Wisconsin
  10. Montreal, Quebec and Douglas, Wyoming - Westward Winter Wanderings
  11. Grand Junction, Colorado - Rocky Mountain Highs...
  12. Terlingua, Texas - Adventures in Enchanted Lands...
  13. Apalachicola, Florida - 'Way, 'Way Down South...
  14. Desert Hot Springs, California - Coast to Coast & On to Year 2
  15. Santa Barbara, California - California Dreamin'
  16. Flagstaff, Arizona - The Big, Wild, Wonderful West
  17. Nimrod Lake, Arkansas - At Home in the Heartland
  18. Front Royal, Virginia - Kruzin' Kudzu Kuntry
  19. Nubble Hill, Maine - North by Northeast
  20. Presque Isle, Maine - The Way Life Should Be...
  21. Laguna Seca, California - Run For The Roses
  22. The Rose Bowl, Pasadena, California - Life on a Bed of Roses
  23. Pasadena, California - Off the Road Again...(But Not for Long!)
  24. Harmony, California - Cruising America, Surfing the Web
  25. Lake Skinner, California - Coming Your Way With RoadTrip America
  26. Why, Arizona - Rockin,' Rollin,' Ridin'...
  27. Sequim, Washington - Kinetic Nirvana
  28. Sagle, Idaho - Ghost Writers in the Sky
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