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On the Road 1998-1999

"All the Way to the Eastern Edge"
Pleasantville, New York, September 13, 1999

"Dances With Cows"
Portage, Indiana, August 23, 1999

"A Stone's Throw from Noodle"
Abilene, Texas, August 1, 1999

"Travels with Signage"
Ukiah, California, June 27, 1999

"Booking It"
Los Angeles, California, May 24, 1999

"Fire, 90210"
Santa Cruz, California, March 22, 1999

"A Birthday Story"
Pasadena, California, January 3, 1999

"Slightly Bigger Than a Breadbox"
Santa Cruz, California, December 13, 1998

"High Seas and Big Trees"
Ukiah, California, December 6, 1998

"So Long, And Thanks For All The Turkey"
Corvallis, Oregon, November 29, 1998

"Hot Water, Cold Road"
Summer Lake Hot Springs, Oregon, November 22, 1998

"Where Do You Live?"
Susanville, California, November 15, 1998

"Whitten Wins By Landslide"
Virginia City, Nevada, November 8, 1998

"If You Keep Going, Soon You Will Be Gone"
Black Rock Desert, Nevada, November 1, 1998

"Shifting Gears"
Reno, Nevada, October 25, 1998

"Mining Memories"
Virginia City, Nevada, October 18, 1998

"Steaming North"
From Bishop, California, to Virginia City, Nevada, October 11, 1998

"The Road to Paradise"
Highway 395 from Ridgecrest to Bishop, California, October 5, 1998

"The Inward Journey"
Pasadena, California, August 9, 1998

"The Art of the Road Trip"
Pasadena, California, May 31, 1998

"Notes from the End of the Rainbow"
Anza Borrego, California, March 22, 1998

RoadTrip Report®: "Four Years Behind the Wheel"
March, 1998

"On the Edge"
Pasadena, California, March 8, 1998

"Storm Troupers"
Pasadena, California, February 24, 1998

"Into Hot Water"
Desert Hot Springs, California, February 2, 1998

"Shakedown Cruise to Super Bowl City"
Pasadena, California, January 25, 1998

"Message From The Guest Room Desk"
Pasadena, California, January 13, 1997


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