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Message from the Guestroom Desk

In a few days, the Phoenix One will rise again. She's been hibernating at an indoor storage facility in Orange County, California, for the last three months, while we finished up the NicoVan tour.

At the moment, we're a little like hermit crabs in between shells. Everything we own, which is roughly equivalent to the amount we had when we were college freshmen, is waiting to slide back into its familiar spots in the Phoenix. So am I.

In the meantime, we're not rolling, and this letter might more accurately be titled "Message from Mark's Parents' Guest Room's Desk." Margaret and Charlie Sedenquist have been putting up with our stuff and ourselves for two weeks now. Some kids never grow up. Those kids are lucky to have parents who pretend not to mind. In addition, Charlie is a terrific cook. We're being spoiled. Marvin is being spoiled rotten.

January is the Janus month, and we've been turning our faces in both directions. We've been looking back and working on RoadTrip America: The Book. We've been looking forward and pondering the year ahead. The road's out there. Where will it take us now?

Where will the new year take all of us? Whether we pore over maps or follow our noses, there's one thing we can count on. Whatever our destination, we'll have an exciting ride. Life's an adventure.

We wish you the best of new years. May the road rise up to meet you.

Pasadena, California
January 13, 1997

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