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RoadTrip Report®: "We've Moved!"
April, 1997, Las Vegas, Nevada

RoadTrip Report®: "NicoTravels"
June, 1997, Green Lane, Pennsylvania

Messages From The Dashboard

"Uh, Mark, I Think We're On Fire"
Virginia Beach, Virginia, November 10, 1997

"With Love From The Dismal Swamp"
Virginia Beach, Virginia, November 17, 1997

"Snowbird Motor Speedway"
I-95, Somewhere in North Carolina, November 23, 1997

"Turkey Day in Gator Land"
Kissimmee, Florida, November 30, 1997

Beaumont, Texas, December 7, 1997

"South by Southwest"
South Padre Island, Texas, December 14, 1997

"Who Could Forget the Alamo?"
San Antonio, Texas, December 21, 1997

"Christmas on the Highway"
Pasadena, California, December 28, 1997

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