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Can RVing Improve A Relationship? Full-timers give up their "stick houses" for the joy of life on a roll—but there are challenges to adjusting to smaller spaces and new roles. In this discussion, mental health professionals (and veteran full-timers) Judy Farrow and Lou Stoetzer discuss the experiences of couples they interviewed for their book How Do They Live Like That?...[Read more]
Caravan Happy: We all love a good party and being RVers, that often amounts to a rolling party. Whether you like to go on commercial caravans, club caravans or travel with several friends, your travel style will be affected. Preparing for this in advance makes your trip more rewarding. Here is some of what we learned about caravans when traveling with several friends...[read more from full-timing expert & author Stephanie Bernhagen]
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Be a Travel Nurse! This site matches skilled medical professionals with short-term assignments around the USA. We ran a couple of searches and found numerous positions offering both travel allowances and free lodging for the period of employment. (2/6/05)
UShip Network: This is an interesting service where folks needing to transport furniture, artwork etc. will pay road trippers to transport the packages around the country. On the day we posted this link there were a couple hundred "offers" posted from about thirty states. "Offers" are the amount that shippers are willing to pay drivers to deliver the shipments. The Network charges a 8% transaction fee to meet its expenses. We aren't sure how well it works - but the concept is very interesting. (11/6/04)
$1000 a Month is Possible: Full-timing experts & authors Jaimie Hall and Stephanie Bernhagen reveal how to create an income stream while traveling in an RV...[read more]
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Boondocking: Making It Work: Boondocking does not mean doing without. It simply means adjusting the way you do things to stretch the use of your fresh water, maximize the capacity of your gray and black tanks, and get the most out of the power you have available. In fact, the following boondocking tips can even stretch your stay in a partial-hookup campground...[read more from full-timing veteran Paul Bernhagen]
RV Services & Equipment Reviews
RV Medics of New England: RTA has known Chris Dougherty, the owner of RV Medics, since September, 1999 and recommend his services and company.
Hose Buddy: Review of an effective sewage hose securing system (2/5/07)
Tin Can Tourists: Tips ands suggestions for owners of vintage trailers and motor homes. (5/22/05)
Restore the Appearance of RV Fiberglass Surfaces: Poli Glow was originally developed for boats, but Paul Bernhagen recommends it for restoring old/tired/faded RV exteriors. Click here for more information and a photo showing the product's effectiveness.
RoadTrip and a Movie: On the road entertainment. A roadtripping purist might insist that a glorious fire-red sunset is as good as it ever gets, but we've always enjoyed movies as an occasional escape. Going to a theatre is not always possible for dashboarders on the move, and although chains like Blockbuster have offered nationwide movie rentals for several years, a trip back to the same store to make returns is not always convenient. Fortunately, a new service has arrived that serves the needs of nomads well by offering...[read more]
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Baja RV Adventure: Those who already know that Baja California is a fantastic place for a road trip will probably be irritated by John Holod's Baja RV Adventure video. They'd rather preserve the common view that the long skinny peninsula south of San Diego is a barren wasteland. They'd like to keep secret that Baja is actually a place of astonishingly diverse beauty, culture, and history, not to mention some of the most exotic wildlife this side of the Galapagos Islands. There are world-class RV resorts, too, along with hip tourist towns, colorful cantinas, and great restaurants. Baja RV Adventure reveals all these well-kept secrets...[read more]
Alaska RV Adventure: The Last Great RoadTrip: John Holod's video provides a great introduction to traveling the Al-Can...[read more]
Discover America by RV: Hosted by veteran RVers Shirley Slater & Harry Basch, an excellent overview...[read more]
Easy RVing and Top 40 RV Camping Tips: Two very helpful videos from the RVing Essentials Series...[read more]