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These links represent the best RV-related Web sites we have found. If you are looking for articles written by full-timers and other RV experts, book reviews, checklists, and tips for living and working on the road, please click here.

RV Lifestyle Information & Resources
RV Dump Stations: This new site has information for locating and using SaniDumps in nearly every state in the USA and other locations around the word. The Tips page has some excellent information that every new RVer ought to read. At the present time, the database includes information for over 3,000 cities & towns and a convenient form for adding new ones that you may come across in your travels. (5/14/06)
RV Travelers and RoadTrip Blogs: Jon Vermilye, who has contributed a number of stunning photographs and a report on Wi-Fi to RTA, has compiled a list of Web site travelogues and journals posted by RVers and other roadtrippers. What makes his list quite useful is that he updates the records regularly. A great resource for anyone seeking information about living and traveling on the road. (6/12/05)
RVing in Mexico: A variety of tips and articles about the driving and traveling in Mexico produced by dashboarders Dot and Bill Bell, who use the MotoSat two-way satellite system to update their Web site while on the road. (05/15/05)
Wi-Fi "Hotspots:" Updated list of RV campgrounds with high speed Internet access
Comprehensive RV Resources & Road Trip Planner: Provided by the Dometic Corporation
RV Clubs, Discount Camping & Newsletters
Six Summers of RoadTrips: Travel along with the Gaidus family as they explore the United States and Canada in their class C RV. This is the best travelogue site we have ever seen. It has excellent photos and descriptions of their roadtrip adventures. They visited 50 national parks and 23 state parks during their travels, and the descriptions of their explorations are fun to read and full of all kinds of useful facts. (3/27/05)
Free Campsites at Gorgeous Locations: The Army Corps of Engineers is seeking volunteers for staffing various campgrounds throughout the USA. Volunteers serve as campground hosts, restore fish and wildlife habitats, maintain trails and facilities and work in Visitor Centers. This link goes to a list of many of the current openings.
Escapees RV Club: Wide array of services & support, including mail forwarding, for full-time RVers
Half-Price Camping: Camping club offering 50% savings at over 600 parks in the U.S. and Canada
Out West Newspaper's Guide to free campgrounds and other RV information
RV Manufacturers & Specialty Conversions
Technical Resources for RVs: This is a truly outstanding list of links assembled and maintained by RTA contributor Jon Vermilye. Very helpful if you are seeking some technical answers to a nagging problem with your RV. (6/12/05)
Recreational Vehicle Industry Association's (RVIA) Web site has links to RV manufacturers and general information about the recreational aspects of RV's.
"Sports Cars" of Motorhomes: 4-wheel drive mini RVs
Off-Roader's Dream : The Earthroamer XV-LT is the ultimate expedition vehicle, with all the comforts of home and fully equipped to go off-highway. Be sure to check out the latest creations from these dream merchants. (4/29/07) (Updated July 16, 2019)
High Tech Camper: Internet access, 4-Wheeling, and family comfort in a Ford-F350.
State-of-the-Art Unimog Motorhome from Mercedes-Benz and Zeigler Adventure—Check out the loft & seating area. The entire site has awesome photos of a full range of all-terrain vehicles (Updated January 14, 2022)
RVs From Other Planets? Well, not quite, but check out Rob Gray's famous WORT (Weird Off-Road Truck) in Australia.
RV Parts, Supplies & Equipment
Replacement Windows: The Peninsula Glass Company in Vancouver, WA, specializes in manufacturing and installing custom windows in RVs, marine, and specialty vehicles. We haven't used their services, but the photos on the company's Web site provide impressive evidence of their capabilities. If you are seeking replacement windows, we suggest you contact the owner Tom Kemp to discuss your needs. (10/23/05)
How to Choose a Power Inverter, by Chad Whitney of An overview of the types of inverters available and how to select the one to suit your needs (8/14/05) (Updated July 16, 2019)
Power Inverters: provides a useful FAQ about using inverters (devices that change DC power into conventional AC power) to operate all kinds of electronic equipment. This site is the best one we've found for info about using inverters safely. (6/20/04)
Water Filtration Systems: Aqua-ceramica provides a good primer about the various types of filtering systems available.
Checklist of Useful Tools, Supplies, and Equipment: Mark Nemeth is technical writer for the Escapees RV Club, who lived on the road for 4 ½ years in a 30-foot fifth wheel. This page has a variety of suggestions for equipping RV's and tow vehicles.
CB Radios, GPS & Scanners: Product & user information
CB Antenna information for RVs (including grounding solutions for fiberglass bodies)
Custom RV Builders: Fabricators for RV components including windows, propane tanks, doors, etc.


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