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Easy RVing & Top 40 RV Camping Tips, by Joe & Vicki Kieva

Easy RVing

Top 40 RV Camping Tips
Two new thirty-minute videos in the RVing Essentials Series offer how-to tips especially valuable for beginners. Easy RVing gives a good overview of what it takes to pack and operate an RV efficiently and safely. It's a perfect introduction for those who are considering renting or buying their first RV, especially if they'd like to avoid some of the pitfalls hosts Joe and Vicki Kieva recall from their own early RVing days, like overloading a trailer or using a tow vehicle that isn't powerful enough to pull it. The Kievas now have over thirty-five years of RVing experience to draw from, and their tips and instructions are basic, practical, and apply to all kinds of RVs, from tent trailers to bus-sized diesel pushers.

Top 40 RV Camping Tips, a second thirty-minute program, is also useful for beginners, but even seasoned RV aficionados will find ideas worth remembering. Gathered both from the Kievas' personal RV experience and their extensive interaction with other RVers at seminars, shows, and rallies, the 40 tips range from how to keep ants from climbing up your hoses to how to receive mail when you're on the road. As in Easy RVing, the tips apply whether you're towing a tent trailer or driving a rolling palace.

While neither of these videos is detailed enough to take the place of a good book (like Stephanie Bernhagen's comprehensive Take Back Your Life), video is the perfect medium for demonstrating tasks like leveling a coach or trailer, hooking up electric and sewage connections, and packing cabinets for safe travel. The Kievas do all this effectively, making their videos a good addition to any aspiring RVer's library.





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