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Road math
It adds up! Roadsign math in Tempe, Arizona
Families on the Road: Kimberly and Dennis Goza and their son Zephyr have been working and living on the road since 1992. Their Web site offers a host of resources, tips and suggestions for families with children living life on a roll. The site was originally started by Shelley and Jeff Zoellick, but the Goza Family has expanded the site with new information. (9/10/06)
Cool road trip game for kids of all ages! To play Roadside Math, start by looking for highway road signs that have mileage numbers on them. Many of them also can be viewed as arithmetic formulas ranging from basic addition and multiplication to square roots and prime number calculations. Created by Jamie Thingelstad, this site and game are both fascinating and fun. (4/17/05)
Family Adventure Camping Trips: Dave Wyman, author of Backroads of Southern California, leads family campouts at some of the nicest campgrounds in southern California. For a flat price, his company provides meals, campsites, and activities for the entire family. Although we haven't been on one of these trips, they really sound like a fun and stress-free way of doing a campout if you don't have these skills. (7/3/05)
Six Summers of RoadTrips: Travel along with the Gaidus family as they explore the United States and Canada. This is the best travelogue site we have ever seen. It has excellent photos and descriptions of their roadtrip adventures. They have traveled cross country five times, covered 50,000 miles, and visited 48 states and 10 Canadian provinces. This site provides all sorts of tips and suggestions for traveling with a family on the road for extended periods of time. (3/27/05)
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Classic Road Trip Games: A pretty good list of word association and other travel games that can be played on long road trips in the car. (12/5/04)
10 Rules for a Family Road Trip: James Dean Died Here author Chris Epting shares tips and suggestions for creating happy memories (6/20/04)
Tips for Traveling with Kids: A series of articles & suggestions for travelng with a baby, packing for kids, and keeping children entertained written by the friendly folks at Piggy Pack Car Carriers.
Day Tripping: Great tips for getting the most from road trips with kids

Secrets of the Road for Grandparents: Suggestions & strategies for traveling with children between five and ten years old
Hotels Like Kids! Insider tips for half-price rooms, baby-sitting, and airline promotions
Fodor's Packing Tips: Innovative ideas for stress-free roadtripping with kids
Car Travel Games: Cool ways to pass the miles for babies, toddlers, and kids of all ages
Dozens of Family RoadTrip Ideas: Articles, tips & suggestions from the Family Travel Forum
Detroit to the Florida Border: Along Interstate 75 is the definitive guide—Click here for a review of the new 2003 edition.
Campground Directories: U.S. & Canada
On Route Magazine has a good list of road trip itineraries with particular appeal to children.
Family Travel Guides: This site has some excellent suggestions for road trip destinations.
CyberParent features a series of travel games for children 4 years and up. (6/17/05)
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