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The Phoenix One

The Phoenix One, RoadTrip America®'s original mission control center and home to Mark, Megan & Marvin the Road Dog, is 32 feet long, 12 feet high, 8 feet wide and weighs 7½ tons. With four-wheel drive, high clearance, and a winch on the front to get us out of trouble, it's able to go places ordinary motor homes just can't. Built in 1994 by Revcon Motorcoach, Inc., the Phoenix One has a Ford F-350 chassis with crew cab. The rear "tag" axle provides support for the extra weight of the coach.


Inside, the Phoenix is equipped with two computers, fax & copy machine, two cellular phones, and enough amenities to make it a home. It all fits into 200 square feet, which sounds small until you remember that its backyard is 3,000 miles wide.


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