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  1. Default Looking for Advice on a Route 2 Road Trip

    My wife and I are planning a trip for mid-September. We will be going to Glacier National Park and will be taking Route 2 (Starting at I-29 Grand Forks). I don't want to miss anything along the way way, so any suggestions on must sees along this route? We have a pretty intense schedule so detouring off the route to far will not be doable so anything will need to be close to Route 2.

    We'll be coming back Route 90 with stops at Devils Tower, Badlands National Park, and possibly Custer State Park. (Those are the spots we missed in our last trip through South Dakota).


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    Default The 'Great Northern'

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    The route you describe is called the Great Northern in Jamie Jensen's book Road Trip USA. I'd suggest that you get a copy of that work for far more detail than we can give you here.


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