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  1. Default On the Road as we speak from NYC to Tucson. Advice on best route?

    I am in a desperate situation. I'm presently driving to Tucson from NYC. I had my route plotted into my GPS gadget but it just stopped working. Now I’m stuck in NJ somewhere and don’t know which route to take.

    I just need to know which way is best (scenic wise and or fastest wise). I know there are many routs but to take the best route would make my trip that much more unforgettable.

    I can check my email through my cell phone so please, if anyone can help me out as soon as possible I would appreciate it more than you could imagine. [email address removed per RTA Policy}

    Peace and many thanks in advance,
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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm sorry to tell you that I really do have to start my post with a bit of a lecture, both for you and for others who might otherwise find themselves in a similar situation.

    If there ever was an example of why no one should ever rely on GPS or any other device as their only means of planning a route, this is it. In my book a GPS is a great tool, but if you can't plot your trip out on a map before you leave, then you aren't ready for a roadtrip. No one who is prepared for their trip should ever be in a "desperate" situation because something like a GPS failed.

    Your other question, regarding "which route is best" is also one of the most unanswerable questions we can get. There is no one catch all "best" route between any two places.

    Having said that, those don't help you much in your current situation, so lets get you on your way.

    I assume your GPS was just giving you the same direct route that any online mapping program would provide. That would be I-78 to PA, I-81 to Tennessee, I-40 to Arkansas, and then I-30, I-20, and I-10 Through Dallas and onto Tucson. That's probably the route you started on, and will be a perfectly fine way to make the trip.

    good luck!
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